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“Democrat” Van Susteren Sticks Up For O’Donnell To Rove

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2010 -

As the GOP rifts continued last night (9/15/10), On The Record hosted Karl Rove to discuss “the tornado” in the party over the upset victory of Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in the Republican Senate primary the night before. Rove, of course, has been at odds with the Palin wing of his party for criticizing O’Donnell and calling her unelectable. But “Democrat” Greta Van Susteren was on hand to argue on behalf of O’Donnell - because, apparently, there’s just never enough advocacy for conservative candidates on Fox. Although Van Susteren repeatedly insisted she was neutral on O’Donnell and her electability, Van Susteren nevertheless dismissed O’Donnell’s financial and ethical problems, offered up talking points for O’Donnell to use against her detractors and further described her as someone who feels the voters’ pain. Yet Van Susteren completely overlooked O’Donnell’s extremist views on evolution, masturbation and equating a lack of school prayer with school shootings.

Van Susteren dismissed each and every one of O’Donnell’s ethical lapses as no big deal. “She may be a hero to some!” for not having paid her federal income taxes, Van Susteren told Rove. She added, “although it’s against the law,” as if that were a minor technicality.

Rove detailed O’Donnell’s other money problems: her failure to graduate from college (though she said she had) because of unpaid bills, failure to make payments on her mortgage, followed by a foreclosure, etc.

Van Susteren interrupted to offer this suggestion: “You know what the answer is, I think?” she said enthusiastically, “You know what I’d do is… I’d look into the camera and say, ‘You know what, it’s true. And you know what? I do have money problems. I’m like you. I’m just you. That’s why you need to send me to Washington. Because no one who understand your problems of banks, of not being able to make mortgages, we’re sick of the fat cats. I know your problem.’ And that’s why I think the Tea Party’s behind her.”

Funny, I thought the Tea Party was behind her because of her platform.

Rove also said O’Donnell “doesn’t take responsibility” for her financial troubles. He was referring to O’Donnell saying that the bank foreclosed because of a “technical error” and that she was puzzled why the federal government put a tax lien on her.

Van Suseren waved away that, too. “I’m not so sure that the American voter, there isn’t a huge groundswell out there…”

Van Susteren claimed not to have an opinion about the viability of O’Donnell’s candidacy but that didn’t stop her from advocating for it. Van Susteren said, “One thing is that she (O’Donnell) certainly, quote, feels the pain because she has lived the pain… it’s not just doing lip service."

Van Susteren also just happened to talk up O'Donnell's electability. "I have no clue what the Delaware electorate is like but I would not, I’m not so quick to count someone out who won a primary against a man who had won many elections in that state.”

Van Susteren shrugged off O’Donnell’s foreclosure by saying, “Do you know how many people, though, complain about banks now? I mean people can’t even get car loans! … Everybody hates banks!”

Rove said drily, “With all due respect… I’m not certain how many people go through a foreclosure and can legitimately blame it on a technical error by the bank.”

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