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Gretchen Carlson Rails Against Republican Party, Calls Tea Party Victories “A Referendum On President Obama”

Reported by Ellen - September 15, 2010 -

Was Gretchen Carlson up too late last night? Obviously in a bit of a mood, Carlson first declared that the Tea Party victories in the REPUBLICAN primaries were a “referendum on President Obama” and then in her next breath, she railed against the Republican Party for their lack of support of Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, saying, “If you want the Democrat to win, then go ahead and let her flounder by herself.” Carlson later ranted, “it's crazy! ...This is suicide for the Party!” Then, in a supreme lack of self-awareness, insisted, “I don’t have anything in this race.”

If O’Donnell’s victory is such a referendum on Obama, then why would she need support from Republicans in order to carry her over the victory line in the general election against a Democrat?

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