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Bill O’Reilly Pimps Another Ray Stevens Immigrant Bashing Song

Reported by Priscilla - September 14, 2010 -

I have previously noted that Bill O’Reilly’s “Pinheads & Patriots” segment is effective propaganda in that it contains the requisite right wing message couched in short sound bites and “humor.” The abbreviated propaganda allows no discussion of nuances which might cast the black and white dichotomy in a shade of gray. Bill’s “Reality Check” segment utilizes the same technique with the added benefit of a title which suggests that Bill’s reality is real. Last night, the “Reality Check” provided the requisite right wing agitprop about evil illegal immigrants who are besieging poor Arizona which is just trying to do the right thing. The propaganda took the form of a promotion of a new Ray Stevens song, “God Save Arizona,” which, like Stevens’ last immigrant bashing song, “Come to the USA,” is jingoistic at best and racist at worst. He even compares the immigrants to the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor. Megyn Kelly promoted Stevens’ last bit of musical xenophobia which included, in the video, an amusing image of Ray in a Mexican sombrero. And it’s just not Ray Stevens’ musical nativism that gets a supportive audience on Fox. The all American morning crew on Fox & Friends just loved a song/video that bashed immigrants and promoted the Arizona immigration law. John Scott and Mike Huckabee promoted the “light hearted” “Press One for English.” But this is not the first time that Bill has pimped Steven’s (and Fox’s and O’Reilly’s) crude agitrop; sot it’s not surprising that O’Reilly is a Stevens fan as Stevens’ political views dovetail nicely with O’Reilly’s. What fun, propaganda that has a beat and that you can dance to.

This is the third time that Bill O’Reilly has featured the comedic stylings of Ray Stevens. In January, O’Reilly promoted Stevens’ anti-Obama, anti-health care reform song that featured an amusing spoof of “death panels” – which Stevens’ and Fox’s teabagging fans believed was a reality. (One assumes that Bill wouldn’t appreciate abortion satire!) O’Reilly provided a “tease" of the song, on one show. On a subsequent show, he played more of the song and interviewed Stevens. O’Reilly told Stevens that the song was funny. Shortly after that promotion, O’Reilly had Stevens back for an encore appearance during which Bill said he missed ethnic homor (ah, those funny, drunken Irishmen) and bemoaned the fact that “Ahab,the Arab” would be politically incorrect if it were done today. (Actually, a new and improved Islamophobic Ahab would be very popular and would probably make the Fox top 10). Fast forward to September and Stevens, the troubadour for the right wing, has penned another political ditty – this time about those dirty, rotten immigrants who are invading Arizona. Like his song about Katrina, which featured lyrics about people who “stole TV’s” and “trashed the Super Dome,” this song is ugly. Bill played a segment in which Stevens sings about how immigrants (who are coming to American to provide for their families) are like the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor. Despite the “reality” that the crime rate in Arizona is, contrary to right wing agitprop, lower than it has been in years, Stevens references drug lords who are “attacking” Arizona. He sings “God Save Arizona” because it’s under attack, not just from these immigrants but from the "enemy within' - like Attorney General Eric Holder and the ACLU. He refers to Arizona governor Jan Brewer and Fox fave Sheriff Joe Arpaio (under Federal investigation for racial bias) as “heroes.” Stevens doesn’t say one word about the American employers who employ these immigrants; but maybe he doesn’t want to upset his non brown business pals! O’Reilly directed his audience to Stevens’ website for more of this inspiring bigotry.

Comment: Once upon a time, singers like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez sang of civil rights that were being denied to oppressed people. Today’s protest music, sung by no talent types like Ray Stevens, is all about angry middle class white folks who think that they are oppressed. Nice to know that “America’s Newsroom” is the “MTV” for this new form of American (no furriners need apply!) social protest.