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Fox News' Cavuto Interrupts First Lady's 9/11 Remembrance To Malign President Obama

Reported by Ellen - September 13, 2010 -

Even after years of watching Fox News, their level of bias against and ill will toward Democrats can surprise. I did not think they'd stoop so low as Neil Cavuto did on Saturday (9/11/10), when he interrupted Michelle Obama's speech at a 9/11 memorial in order to talk about how her husband was "a nobody" on 9/11. (H/T David M.)

I can't say it better than Laffy at The Political Carnival:

No matter who is speaking, barging in like an uncouth cave dweller is rude, period. But during a speech about one of the most painful moments in U.S. history? Unacceptable... To then compound the insult by saying that Mrs. President Obama was married to a “nobody” makes me want to hurl things at my computer screen... Finally: The President and First Lady are, and always have been, about as “somebody” as you can get.

UPDATE: As our regular Cavuto-watcher, Brian, noted, even in 2000, Obama was an Illinois state senator, hardly a nobody.

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