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Fox News And Hannity Serve As Fundraising Platform For Sharron Angle Again

Reported by Ellen - September 13, 2010 -

Sharron Angle is neck and neck with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in what Republicans consider one of the most important races this campaign season. But with Angle's high unfavorability ratings and Reid tied or ahead of her in the polls, Sean Hannity and Fox News stepped in to give Angle some PR and a fundraising platform Friday night (9/10/10).

After a brief chat, Hannity gave Angle this opener to talk about funds: (Reid) seems to have unlimited resources, 'cause there have been a lot of attack ads now against you and he seems to have a pretty big war chest and the ability to accumulate a lot of money and it has had some impact... What are your plans to respond to these negative ads against you?"

Given that Fox News has served as a fundraising platform in the past for Angle, don't tell me that Hannity didn't know what he was doing.

Sure enough, after a few words about her financial disadvantage, Angle responded, "Harry Reid has 25 million and I need a million people with $25 to go to (she named her website). They have, from all over the country, they've been helping me by going to that website (she named it again) and donating those $25 increments and when that has happened, it's given us an opportunity now to get up on the air ourselves and we have some good ads out."

Hannity let her give the entire spiel without interrupting. I'm surprised he didn't close the segment by urging his viewers to go to her website and donate.

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