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Hannity Tries To Push Islamophobic Guest Into Suggesting Obama Favors Islam Over Christianity

Reported by Ellen - September 11, 2010 -

Less than a month after the Islamophobic Brigitte Gabriel suggested on Hannity that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, she was warmly welcomed for a return engagement. On Thursday’s (9/9/10) show. Sean Hannity not only continued to treat her as a credible expert, he blatantly tried to push her into saying that Obama prefers Muslims over Christians - if not accusing him outright of being a Muslim - because he had condemned Pastor Terry Jones for wanting to burn the Koran and stuck up for the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. For some reason, Gabriel refrained from taking Hannity's bait, perhaps because she was in too much of a shrieking frenzy over a fellow guest defending the mosque and its imam.

Hannity was full of bullyboy bombast as he once again didn’t just oppose the mosque but pulled out all stops in a full-tilt extravaganza of hate mongering.

Gabriel was the perfect partner for that endeavor. She let loose a torrent of anti-Islamic invective in hideous, breathless shouts.

Unfortunately, the other guest, Jehan Harney, was another nice, likeable, well-spoken, well-intentioned but not well-enough-prepared guest. Like the nice Mr. Shelton from the NAACP on O’Reilly the night before, Harney was soon sandbagged by a bullying Hannity intent on preventing her from getting any of her points across. He succeeded with such diversionary tactics as demanding that she “condemn Hamas as a terror organization.”

Gabriel observed the browbeating with one of her ghoulish smiles and it wasn’t long before she joined the pile on, shouting hysterically - about tolerance, of all things - as though she were determined to be heard in Mecca.

At about 2:53 in the video, Hannity began to suggest that Obama prefers Islam to Christianity. He asked Gabriel, “The president is defending the First Amendment right to build the mosque in Ground Zero on the one hand and then the president’s speaking out (against the pastor who intended to burn the Koran) – and I disagree with the pastor, I think it’s unnecessarily provocative in the case of burning the Koran – but the president speaks out against him. What are we to interpret from that?"

When Gabriel didn’t take the bait, Hannity pushed further. “Why defend the imam’s right but not defend the pastor’s right?”

Gabriel yelped, “Exactly! And that’s where the double standards come.” But she didn’t go where Hannity was obviously trying to lead her.

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