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Palin And Beck's Great 9/11 Exploiticon - What Say You Fox News?

Reported by Guest Blogger - September 8, 2010 -

By Aria

This morning, Think Progress and the Huffington Post both reported that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are planning to hold a 9/11 event in Alaska. It's supposedly a commemoration of the victims that you can attend for the low, low price of $73.75-$225 a ticket. To make things even better, there's no indication where the proceeds will go although the event was previously rumoured to be a political platform for Palin to announce her bid for the 2012 presidency. So much for Palin's high and mighty sensitivity to 9/11 victims...

I'd wonder what FOX NEWS has to say about this, but they seem to be too busy attacking Obama's 9/11 plans.

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