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Glenn Beck Shows Off T-Shirt With Bogus Quote

Reported by Priscilla - September 6, 2010 -

In attempting to rebut a Huffington Post slide show of "Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally: The Most Ridiculous Messages," Beck, on his nightly Fox "News" network show, provided shots of heart warming patriotic couture. Beck showed, twice, a shot of a T-Shirt with a quote from George Washington. Trouble is, the quote has never been verified. Even Beck's bogus historian, David Barton, has this listed as an "unconfirmed quotation" on his website where he tells his readers to "refrain from using" this quote (and others) until a source can be found. But interestingly, Barton didn't correct rapture ready, multi millionaire snake oil salesman (whoops, Christian pastor) John Hagee when he used it on Glenn Beck's stage shared by Barton and other "patriot pastors." Don't know much about history...

H/T Right Wing Watch

T-Shirt under the fold


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