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Fox & Friends Dave Briggs Promotes Land Donations For Jesus Billboards

Reported by Priscilla - September 6, 2010 -

Unlike the evil, secular, librul networks, Fox News is proud to stand up for Jesus. Fox & Friends, your morning bible T&A show, has provided a sympathetic venue for anti-atheist billboards and billboards that admonish you to say “Merry Christmas” because Jesus gets upset when you say “happy holidays.” (two years in a row!). Steve Doocy recently provided warm affirmation for a great big cross (even bigger than good Catholic Laura Ingraham’s great big cross bling!) which is being opposed by Satanic forces in Vermont. And as Jesus’ BFF’s, the good Christians on Fox & Friends engage in activism and a bit of community organizing. They promoted Bill Donohue’s petition to force the Empire State building to light up for the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birthday. Unfortunately for those who signed on to the petition, the building stayed dim. And now Fox & Friends has gone from soliciting signatures to soliciting land. This morning, Fox & Friends week-end host Dave Briggs interviewed a Jesus freak (whoops, devout Christian) who is running into some zoning problems over his plans for lighted “Signs4Jesus.” Fox “News” thinks that there’s a shady and ungodly motive, on the part of Chichester NH, which would seem to suggest a little “bearing false witness;” but it’s all in the service of the Lord, so it’s all good. But don’t worry Jesus, Fox & Friends has your back as it’s spreading the good word about these signs and how your other BFF’s can help out.

Briggs introduced his guest, Fab Cusson, who discussed how the town of Chischester NH claims that his electric sign violates town zoning law. What neither he nor Dave mentioned was that the town allowed him to put up a non electric sign. Briggs said that Cusson wants to put up signs all over the country and asked him why. Cusson preached about “the power of God to transform life, evidence of what God can do", yadda yadda. Briggs said that Cusson wants folks across the country to put up signs on their property and tossed to Cusson who cited his website where folks can get more information and follow up with land donations for more signs.

The chyrons were the usual agitprop full of that beloved Christian “battle” rhetoric: “Fighting for Jesus, NH Town Refuses To Allow Biblical Sign.” (No, just not an electronic one!) “Signs for Jesus Fights for Debut, Plans To Build Signs All Over the Country.” “Freedom of Faith, Signs4Jesus Not Backing Down From Fight.” But this one was the money chyron. As with Steve Doocy’s suggestion of anti-Christian sentiment regarding the Vermont cross, this chyron suggests a further, nefarious agenda: “Taking Issue With The Message? Town’s Reason Against Biblical Sign Suspect." So there you have it. A patented Fox “Cavuto Marked” question which is really a statement of Fox “fact.” Whereas the “message” has nothing to do with the issue, Fox makes it so with its “question” which is followed by a Fox “fact” asserting that the reasons behind the zoning conflict are “suspect.”

Comment: Wonder if Fox “News” would provide publicity for those seeking to put up signs endorsing Islam?


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