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On Labor Day Weekend “Business Block,” Fox’s Stuart Varney Tells Union Rep He Sides “With Our Enemies”

Reported by Ellen - September 5, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

In honor of Labor Day, a special Cost of Freedom “business block” on Fox News made a special effort to attack unions. Actually, substitute host Stuart Varney didn’t just attack unions, he accused Bruce Raynor, of Workers United, of siding with “our enemies.” Why? Because Raynor supported the Obama administration’s report to the United Nations “equating the difficulty of organizing a union here in America to a human rights offense.” That must mean that Varney thinks President Obama and hs administration side with our enemies, too, though he did not say so.

"I've got to say, sir,” Varney began with Raynor, “I was shocked and angered by the idea that my government in America would link our behavior in America, vis-à-vis unions, and link it to some kind of human rights abuse. Say it ain't so, Bruce, you can't be serious?"

Raynor, who seemed to have nothing directly to do with the filing of the report, said, "It's true that that’s the position in the report to the United Nations. It’s also true in fact. Millions of American workers, Stuart, today have no right to organize a union." He went on to say that, "Public employees in the State of North Carolina, for instance, have no right to organize unions. South Carolina, Georgia. All throughout the south."

Varney, who was argumentative throughout, interrupted. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. That's a human rights abuse?"

Yes it is," Raynor told him.

"…You will take to the United Nations, and embarrass this great country, and put us in the same league as North Korea?" Varney asked incredulously.

"No, not put us in the same league as North Korea," Raynor answered.

"You are!" Varney insisted.

That was a bit of sleight of hand on Varney’s part. Earlier in the segment, he had interviewed the conservative Barbara Comstock on this same subject. When he made the same outraged objection (claiming the report had linked America to North Korea and Saudi Arabia), she made it clear that the report had not done so. Comstock said that the U.S. had said in the report, “We’re not necessarily equating our behavior with other huge, you know, violating countries.”

Raynor continued, "But when the United States, the greatest democracy in the history of the world, we must defend our democratic principles. The right to free association."

Varney said pugnaciously, "That's it? That's all you've got? You say that it's restricted in North Carolina so we’re human rights abusers?"

Raynor answered, "There are over 20 states where public employees have no right to free association. FedEx drivers have no right to form a union because the company says under some technicality that they’re contracters when UPS drivers are workers and have a right to form a union."

"You have picked tiny little examples," Varney accused, "… and you now say that this great democracy abuses human rights? That's embarrassing."

Raynor replied, "Over a million domestic workers in America have no right to organize. Agricultural workers. There are millions of Americans that have no right to free association."

"Are you telling me that they cannot get a secret ballot and vote to unionize? There's a law which says so?" Varney asked.

Yes that was exactly what Raynor was saying. He added, "In over 20 states, public employees can’t organize, which is millions of public employees."

"You're saying every industry should be completely all the same? Police officers, military?" Varney pushed.

"Except for the military," Raynor said. "… (which) is a different institution." He went on to say that the United States is the “hardest country in the free world” to organize unions.

It's hard to believe Varney didn't have this next line pre-prepared and ready for use at the end of the segment, sort of as a coup de grace. "So you report us to the United Nations… a den of thieves… You have sided with our enemies. You are in the same camp as our enemies.”

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