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Chris Wallace "Asks" If Obama's Heart Isn't In Winning The War On Terror

Reported by Ellen - September 5, 2010 -

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, is presumably one of Fox News' "objective" news hosts. Earlier today, "unbiased" Wallace just so happened to echo Republican talking points when, complaining about President Obama discussing the economy in his speech about Iraq earlier in the week, he "asked" the Fox News Sunday panel, "Is it unfair to say that this is a president whose heart doesn't seem to be in winning the war on terror, no matter what it costs?"

As Think Progress noted, it's laughable that Wallace should have asked this question of Stephen Hayes, of the Weekly Standard, considering that Hayes has made a career out of pretending Saddam and Al Qaeda were in league to attack the United States.

Think Progress also noted, "What conservatives like Hayes and Wallace apparently don’t get is that without a strong economy, America’s ability to project power and achieve its international goals is seriously diminished. America’s economic health isn’t peripheral to America’s national security, it’s central to it."

Video via Media Matters.

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