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Neil Cavuto In Step With GOP With Tea Party Senate Challenger Christine O’Donnell

Reported by Ellen - September 4, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

When is Neil Cavuto dismissive of a conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate? When she’s a tea party candidate the Republican Party very much wants to ensure does not win. Christine O’Donnell, the tea party-backed candidate for the U.S. Senate in Delaware has more than a little baggage. But while Cavuto’s brusque coolness toward her seemed at first blush to be a concern for her ethics, his concern just so happens to coincide with the Republican Party which sees Delaware as a potential pick up state – so long as their preferred candidate, Mike Castle, is running.

Cavuto was polite enough in his introduction. “It was sort of like you became like an overnight, emerging force and I don’t know whether it had to do (with) what was going on in Alaska (with the upset victory of Tea Party candidate Joe Miller) but bottom line, the Tea Party saw something in you, galvanized its efforts and away we go.”

O’Donnell had not finished answering what she thought her appeal was before Cavuto interrupted to get down to brass tacks or, as he put it, “kicking the tires.” He said, “I’m sure you’re familiar with (the dirt): that you owe back taxes, that (you) had a home foreclosed on, that you never received a diploma because you didn't pay your tuition."

O’Donnell interrupted, "None of that is true… We've addressed that on our website Christine2010.com."

Cavuto sounded hostile. Rather than offering any independent investigation for the "we report, you decide" network's viewers, he snapped, "No. I don't have time to go to your website. Do you owe back taxes?"

"No. I don't owe back taxes," O’Donnell told him.

"Did you ever foreclose on a home?" Cavuto asked.

"No. I sold my home," O’Donnell answered.

Cavuto interrupted. "That's fine… You didn't receive a diploma because you couldn't pay your tuition. Is that true?"

"Yes and no,” O’Donnell answered. “It took me 12 years to pay off my student loans. When I did the cap and gown ceremony in 1993, I got handed a leather portfolio, but inside was a bursar’s bill."

As soon as she finished explaining, Cavuto ended the interview by saying curtly, “Alright. Well, it’s out there. You responded to it… Thank you, Ms O’Donnell. Very good having you.” But there was no warmth to his words. There was also no independent investigation to verify anything O'Donnell had said.

There seems to be plenty of truth to the accusations about O’Donnell’s finances. But these opening paragraphs from a Huffington Post article about the race sheds another possible motive for Cavuto’s gruffness:

Delaware Republicans call Senate hopeful Christine O'Donnell a liar who "could not be elected dog catcher" in a fierce attack that underscores GOP fears of the tea party-backed candidate knocking off top recruit Rep. Mike Castle and winning the nomination.

Stunned by tea partier Joe Miller's upset of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Republicans are taking no chances in Delaware, which holds its primary Sept. 14. The party sees Castle, the state's lone congressman since 1993, as the best candidate for the seat long held by Vice President Joe Biden.

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