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Fox & Friends Host Chastity Advocate Who Opposes Montana “Sex Ed” Curriculum

Reported by Priscilla - September 3, 2010 -

Today’s Christian right is vehemently opposed to sex education except for abstinence which, as we all know, is just sooo effective. Thus, when Helena MT curriculum developers created a proposed health care curriculum, which includes telling young people the biological terms for their sex organs (vestigial in right wing circles – or so they would want you to believe!), the right had their nice, clean, white panties (which, in right wing circles, are never removed except in the presence of one’s heterosexual spouse or so they would want you to believe!) in a bunch. As the mouthpiece for the sexually repressed right wing, Fox News did its best to attack this curriculum with homophobic lies and other misrepresentation which made this harmless and beneficial course of study seem like it was exposing students to X rated porno (which, in right wing circles they never look at or so they would want you to believe.). Yesterday, good chaste Christian woman and former Miss America joined Fox sub Eric Bolling, who doesn’t like atheists, in another biased anti sex ed segment. In a redux of the last Fox & Friends attack on this curriculum, Carlson was full of the standard right wing talking points which suggest that Helena MT educators are indoctrinating young innocents with lewd and lascivious material which will send them to the nearest bacchanalian sex orgy (which hopefully don't happen in right wing circles cuz the thought is just too gross...). And being “fair & balanced” (just kidding), the only guest supported the right wing opposition. The slut shaming Dr. Miriam Grossman was right at home with Gretchen Carlson, a virtuous and modest Christian woman whose fear of that “gay agenda” causes her to prohibit her children from hearing “I Kissed A Girl” when it’s played on the car radio.

Gretch began with her patented you-are-going-to-be-so-pissed-about-this intro: “Sex education for children as young as five. That’s the proposal currently under consideration in a Montana school district and it has many parents upset.” Bolling introduced “child advocacy and adult psychiatrist” Dr. Miriam Grossman and cited her book “You’re Teaching My Child What?” Gretch did a little exposition and worked in in a Fox “fact” when she explained that Grossman is meeting with parents about this curriculum “which, by many accounts, is very controversial. It teaches kindergartners about sex, right?” (Wrong, Gretch, Kindergartners are taught, by a school nurse, proper words for their body parts and that babies don't come from storks, If that's sex, I've been seriously misinformed!) Grossman said that the “controversey” has “divided this small town.” (Thank you Fox News for aiding and abetting!) She said that she was invited by concerned parents and grandparents and is giving them “hard information” to defeat the curriculum which is “too much, too soon, too little, and too late.” Bolling advanced the agitprop with his question of “why five year old needs to know about sex. Why are they saying that 5 year old needs to know about sex and frankly some of it is explicit. I’m reading some of the thing that they want to teach them and as a parent it seems to me outrageous.” Grossman said that this question should be addressed to “SEICUS” which she did not explain. (SEICUS is the Sexuality and Information Council of the US – a group that “family values” types say is behind efforts to establish sex education in schools and in particular, this MT curriculum. They also say that it is “heavily pushed by “gay donors and activists.”) Ah, that evil “gay agenda.” Gretch read a statement from the Helena school superintendent who said that a meeting with Grossman is not possible at this time. Gretch snarked about when it would be possible. Agit prop chyrons: “Sex Ed For Five Year Olds, Helena’s Plan to Teach Sex Ed to Kindergartners” and “Inappropriate Curriculum? Teaching Sex Ed to Elementary Students.”

Comment: Dr. Miriam Grossman’s “meeting with parents and grandparents” has recently taken the form of two speeches at well attended venues during which she was able to sell and sign her books one of which, “Unprotected,” tells young women that if they have sex they will end up as disease ridden school drop-outs.” At one of her Helena talks, she claimed that women are not biologically ready to have sex until their mid twenties. But these women need to “do it” quickly because if they postpone childbirth until theyget a PhD in their late 30’s, it’s too late, baby. Grossman wrote a pamphlet, “Sense and Sensuality,” for the right wing women as chaste handmaidens Clair Booth Luce Institute, about the dangers of hot college sex. One of her comments, in cursive, is that “the rectum is an exit, not an entrance.” Grossman also says that the fictional characters in “Sex in the City” would have herpes and be on Proxac. So no agenda here, no sireee. But it would have been nice if Gretch had quoted a proponent of the curriculum, Niki Zupanic of the ACLU, who says that “Helena’s proposed curriculum gives them the information they need to maintain healthy bodies and healthy relationships. To offer them anything less is shortchanging their futures.” But then this is Fox “News” where family values and “tits and asses” go hand in hand, so their grasp of what is “appropriate” is limited at best!


Here's that nasty sex laden curriculum that Eric Bolling thinks is so "explicit"





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