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Sean Hannity And Fox News Do Republican Rehab For AK Senate Candidate Joe Miller

Reported by Ellen - September 2, 2010 -

Now that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has secured the Republican nomination in Alaska, he has come under increased scrutiny, especially for his recent comments suggesting that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional. So what’s a Republican candidate feeling the harsh glare of media attention to do? Why, go on Fox News, of course. And what better program than Hannity, where the host is sure to feed you his answers with his questions?

Hannity purported to make the segment about Miller’s “upset win,” which he largely credited to Sarah Palin’s endorsement - from whom Miller quickly distanced himself by crediting his volunteer organization and help from Mike Huckabee.

At about the 3:40 mark in the interview, Hannity brought up Miller’s appearance on Face The Nation where he first suggested that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional. Hannity said, “It seems like the national media has turned on you in pretty quick fashion here. And they’re trying to portray you as extreme because you recognize that entitlement spending in Washington is unsustainable. Social Security, Medicare, the new health care bill that they passed, all of this money adds up and that we can’t afford it. So you talked about other solutions, partial privatization, privatization of Social Security and some other things. What do you say when the national media’s trying to say that anybody that wants to cut back on entitlements must be extreme when all you’re saying is, 'Balance the budget and live within our Constitutional mandate?'”

Miller answered similarly to the way he dodged questions on ABC and MSNBC the day before, by arguing that the solution is to give power back to the states. Hannity never asked if Miller believes Social Security or Medicare is unconstitutional. Hannity also never asked Miller about his thoughts on possibly phasing out Social Security. Hannity didn’t probe at all. In fact, Hannity’s question lasted as long as, if not longer than Miller’s answer. No sooner had Miller finished speaking than Hannity moved on to his next “question,” “asking” for Miller’s reaction to his Democratic opponent’s distancing himself from President Obama.

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