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Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley Pretend The Right Does Not Call Obama A Socialist Or A Muslim

Reported by Ellen - September 2, 2010 -

Methinks Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley protested just a tad too much Wednesday (9/1/10) in their sneering, condescending attacks on Newsweek for having the audacity to highlight the untrue, inflammatory attacks against President Obama, such as calling him a Muslim, a socialist, etc. Kelly and Crowley tried to pretend that Newsweek had overblown “mainstream” criticisms of Obama in order to defend him and attack the right. As Kelly valiantly, and with unintentional humor, accused Newsweek of not making a distinction between someone calling Obama’s policies socialist and calling him a socialist (as if Fox News pundits make that distinction), she and Crowley turned a blind eye to the mountain of instances right there on their own network where the accusation was made either directly or indirectly.

Just one day after Crowley had gratuitously thrown in a jab about Obama’s “socialist policies” during a stint with O'Reilly, she now whined that Newsweek had been “incredibly dishonest… (They) took some of the more EXTREME examples to paint the opposition to this president.” She went on to argue that Newsweek had painted “with this very broad brush to delegitimize the widespread and mainstream opposition to this president and what he is doing… It’s incredibly dishonest… They know that they’re being dishonest.”

Kelly said disdainfully that Newsweek characterized anyone who criticizes Obama as “somebody who believes he’s a Muslim and a terrorist-lover and a warmonger at the same time.” As if to specifically defend Crowley and other Fox News peeps, Kelly added, “Some believe his policies are socialist… I think there’s a distinction between (calling him a socialist) and saying some of his policies seem socialistic which doesn’t seem like an extreme view to have.”

Well, maybe not but Kelly and Crowley have a little dishonesty of their own to answer for. Surely they know that the attacks never make that distinction, at least not on Fox News. For example:

Fox News regular Brigitte Gabriel suggested that Obama is a Muslim on Hannity, without any significant challenge from the host. That's Fox News prime time, just a few weeks ago. Anybody want to bet that Gabriel will be back and treated like a credible pundit again?

Fox News regular Dick Morris called Obama "a European socialist" in July, 2008. Morris has been on Fox News countless of times since then as a regular political analyst.

Sean Hannity, himself, "asked" whether Obama is a "European socialist" that same month.

How many times has Fox News host Glenn Beck posted a photo of Chairman Mao when talking about Obama?

In fact, Kelly, herself defended those who call Obama a socialist in a debate with Alan Colmes last April. Kelly said then that calling Obama a socialist is a shorthand way of saying, "Government is butting its way in too many aspects of our lives” and blamed Obama for his "spreading the wealth around" comments. Kelly also "asked" at the time whether inflammatory comments made by Tea Partiers were "inflaming" or "validating“ "feelings that are already there.”

So which is it, ladies? Is Obama a radical socialist or will you denounce those who say so? Your attempts to have it both ways just won't fly.

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