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O’Reilly And Crowley Complain Obama’s Iraq Speech Was Too Boring

Reported by Ellen - September 1, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly and Monica Crowley may have found President Obama’s serious, substantive speech on Iraq last night (8/31/10) boring, but the two conservatives were unintentionally hilarious in their childish shallowness which was expertly highlighted by Alan Colmes. Funniest moment: O’Reilly imitating the Pips.

It was the first O’Reilly Factor segment in a special live show immediately following the speech and its analysis by the likes of Charles Krauthammer and Juan Williams. O’Reilly’s reaction? “Why was he (Obama) so boring?” O’Reilly was comparing the speech to the stemwinders from Obama’s presidential campaign. He said Obama was “Elvis” on the stump. O'Reilly offered almost no commentary on the substance.

Colmes said, “It’s a war speech!” and “not a Busby Berkeley production with dancing girls.”

O’Reilly kept on complaining. He called Obama “the boring professor” and criticized him for sitting with folded hands like “Our Miss Brooks.”

Colmes said, “You know what it is, O’Reilly? …You can’t get him on substance, so you’re going on form. You can’t get him on substance! You’re attacking the guy on the way he’s holding his hands? That’s all you got? That’s all you got!”

Colmes was proven right when O’Reilly later admitted he thought the speech was fine. Was O'Reilly unwilling to host a segment in praise of Obama's speech?

At least O’Reilly knew he was being facetious. Crowley, on the other hand, seemed completely in earnest She said about Obama, “He did look like sort of a Myron with the propeller cap on… and the reason for that, Bill… Number One, I don’t believe his heart is actually in the mission in Afghanistan or the completing mission in Iraq.” (O’Reilly told her he didn’t buy that.)

Crowley continued condescendingly, “He gets out there when he’s talking about his socialist policies. He’s full of passion… That’s the only thing he can get riled up about, O’Reilly.”

As the complaints about Obama’s style went on and on – and the substance of Obama’s speech got completely sidelined – Colmes said, “I’m sorry the Rockettes were not behind him or the Pips.”

That's when O'Reilly began to longingly imitate them.

Finally, O’Reilly admitted, “I think the speech was fine, alright? I don’t have any problems with the words on the page." But as though to ensure his conservative cred, he added, "But I’ll tell you what, I don’t think anybody watched it.”

Video via Mediaite.

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