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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Objects To Family Photos Behind Obama’s Desk

Reported by Ellen - September 1, 2010 -

Fox News continued its shallow attacks on President Obama’s speech on Iraq as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson complained that Obama was exploiting his family by putting their photos behind his desk.

During the “Great American Panel” segment on Hannity last night (8/31/10), Hannity not surprisingly said he was “not impressed” with Obama’s speech earlier that night.

Carlson said, “Everything about it was small. The run up was small. His spokesman attacked President Bush for the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner, as if that hasn’t been hashed over… The presentation itself, I objected to the pictures of his kids in the background. I felt it was taking advantage of them and their images.”

Can there be any doubt that if Obama had no photos of his family behind his desk that he’d be attacked for being heartless?

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