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Megyn Kelly Politicizes USS Cole Prosecution

Reported by Ellen - August 31, 2010 -

America Live with Megyn Kelly made a blatant attempt to politicize the prosecution of the so-called mastermind of the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen 10 years ago. Kelly is an attorney and she’s supposed to be part of Fox News’ “objective news” lineup. But she offered nothing but shallow spin in her discussion about the Obama administration’s decision to put a hold on the prosecution of the alleged Al Qaeda member charged with coordinating the attack. Since the defendant is being detained indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay, she couldn’t fear monger about his release. So instead, she spun it to look as though the Obama administration was going to let him evade justice. Another scary person of color that Kelly was going to hold up as a beneficiary of the Obama administration's unjust Department of Justice.

In her introduction to the discussion yesterday (8/31/10), Kelly insinuated that the Obama Department of Justice was trying to pull a fast one. “The Department of Justice quietly announced on a sleepy summer afternoon that it was putting the prosecution of the man believed to have masterminded that bombing on hold, saying that suddenly, quote (her voice rose with indignation) no charges are either pending or contemplated against that man.” As she spoke, photos of the bombing and its aftermath ran as B-roll.

In reality, it was Kelly pulling the fast one. She failed to mention that the federal court filing is classified so she can’t know for sure what it said. But as Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge stated, and whose reporting Kelly cited, the statement is believed to have said that no charges are pending or contemplated “in the near future.”

The choice of guests also indicated an agenda to attack the president by way of tugging on the heartstrings. The sole guest was not a legal analyst, not a terrorist analyst but the father of one of the dead sailors: John Clodfelter, who just so happens to have previously criticized other administrations for not bringing the perpetrator to justice more swiftly.

Kelly, with her trademark indignation, alleged that reporting indicated the Department of Justice had made “a political decision” because it did not want to go forward with the case before the mid-term elections. Those elections are about two months away, while the suspect has been in custody for almost eight years. I can’t recall seeing, nor can I find, a single discussion on Fox News critical of the Bush administration’s delay in prosecuting the case for the six years they sat on it.

Predictably, Clodfelter said, “I just don’t see any justifiable reason for this.” But the interview soon went off the rails, as far as attacking Obama was concerned. Because Clodfelter focused on getting rid of Congress more than anything else. “There are so many Congressmen that need to be replaced… If they have a million dollars or more, they should not be in Congress.”

Kelly valiantly and repeatedly tried to bring the discussion back to (attacking) Obama. “Sir, you heard directly from the president… What exactly did he promise you?”

Clodfelter, referring to a meeting he had with Obama in 2009, shortly after Obama took office, said that Obama had promised to “get to this” but that he wanted to “find out what is being done vs. what’s actually supposed to be done.” Clodfelter said he “piped up” and told Obama that “nothing to date has been done.”

Well, it’s not as though the suspect, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, is out living the high life. He has been imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, where he has been waterboarded. If he were to go to trial and get convicted, he’d likely be in a similar environment, presumably without the waterboarding.

Not that Kelly thought of that. She was too intent on using the segment against Obama and his Department of Justice. Ignoring Clodfelter’s remarks about throwing out Congress, she said, “(If) this does turn out to have been a political decision… what message do you have for the decision makers on this?”

Clodfelter said he thought “every blasted one” of those decision makers need to be replaced. But instead of attacking Obama, or the DOJ, Clodfelter attacked a bi-partisan group of Congressional members: Eric Cantor, Jim Webb and Mark Warner.

Kelly ended the interview shortly thereafter.

FoxNews.com calls their video of this segment, "Justice Denied for Victims of USS Cole Attack?"

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