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Fox & Friend Guest - Child Abuser Who Claims Evolution Education Causes Teen Pregnancies

Reported by Priscilla - August 31, 2010 -

No, I’m not kidding. Yes, the correct response is WTF??? Fox & Friends has hosted its share of denizens from the extreme bizarro world of the Christian right. In March, they hosted Victoria Jackson, a former SNL comedienne turned teabagger who thinks that Obama is a Communist. Earlier this month, on a panel of “media” types who oppose the Manhattan Islamic Cultural Center, Brian Kilmeade (who vehemently opposes Park 51) hosted homophobe Bradlee Dean, a Christian rock singer, who thinks that it’s fine to kill gays. (“American Taliban?!") But yesterday, along came somebody who makes Jackson and Dean look benign. Juliette Huddy interviewed two people on opposite sides of the issue involving distribution of contraceptives to public school students. Her guest, who opposes this measure, isn’t just another anti-choice crazy like Jill Stanek, who accused a Chicago hospital of stashing fetuses in closets. Stanek isn’t a convicted criminal. But Huddy’s “pro-life” guest, Bob Enyart, a proponent of corporal punishment for children, actually served 60 days in jail for beating his step-son with a belt. He has also served time for Operation Rescue hijinks. After the death of abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller, Enyart said that the murder was just an “occupational hazard.” He pickets homes of doctors who perform abortions. In a stellar addition to his resume, Enyart also read, on religious TV, the names of those who died from AIDS – while playing “Queen’s” “Another One Bites the Dust.” He’s also a “young earth creationist.” He advocates for a “Constitutional Monarchy” with a biblical criminal code incorporating a death penalty for homosexuals. ("American Taliban?!") He once sold tee shirts with “homos make me sick" emblazoned on them.” This information is all readily available. So is Fox not vetting its guests or do they bring these folks on as a shout out to their “pro-life” audience? Read on for details of the interview as well as a link to a petition to encourage Fox to vet their guests.

Juliette Huddy reported on the backstory about how a school Denver Colorado will be distributing contraceptives to children “as young as 11.” The Chyron: “Battle Over Birth Control.” Huddy didn’t mention that the program is an “opt-in” and that children are counseled, by medical professionals, before they are given the contraceptives. She asked Enyart, as an administrator of a school that “did this,” to comment on the effectiveness of this program. Problem – a check of Enyart’s official biography does not mention anything about his position as a school administrator. He said that “this fails because it’s wrong.” He sited stats from Denver’s Adams City High School – a school that he doesn’t appear to have any connection to – which, he claims, show that the pregnancy rate went up 40% despite contraceptive distribution. He said that the “national headlines” were “108 babies born in one school year.” (The only “headline,” that I could find, was on Enyart’s website!) He continued that “God did not make 14 year old girls to be used as boys.” Huddy responded with stats that show a high teen pregnancy rate in Denver. And that’s when we entered the Twilight Zone: “the major reason for that is that our school curriculum today all over the country is officially godless. Kids are told that they're animals, that they've evolved from animals and then we shouldn't be shocked when they behave like animals. We need to teach kids that they're special. Girls are worth waiting for. They're worth waiting until marriage…” Finally, Huddy tossed to her other guest, Lori Casillas from Colorado Youth Matter. Huddy referenced “a lot of folks” who say that this “gives kids the green light to have sex.” Casillas explained that parents were involved in making this decision. The chyron: “Fighting Teen Pregancy, School Clinic To Give Out Birth Control.” Huddy read a statement from the school principal which stated that parents were overwhelmingly in favor of this program which includes abstinence education.” So much for "battle over birth control."

Comment: Fox, one assumes, could have found a less radical and less partisan individual who opposed this plan. Ya think? Anway, this link provides an opportunity to let Fox know that they really should vet their guests. But if they did vet him, that really tells you all you need to know about who Fox’s agenda and audience!