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Laura Ingraham Blames Tea Party Critics For Any Ill Will From Hispanics

Reported by Ellen - August 28, 2010 -

What’s the next best thing to a feisty Democrat smacking down a Fox News Republican? A Republican smacking down a Fox News Republican. On Friday night's (8/27/10) O’Reilly Factor, former chief speechwriter to George W. Bush Michael Gerson smacked down Laura Ingraham in a discussion about the Tea Party and its effect on the Republican party. Gerson had written an editorial recently calling the Tea Party “incompatible with some conservative and Republican beliefs” and “at odds with Abraham Lincoln’s inclusive tone and his conviction that government policies could empower individuals.” Rather than defend the Tea Party, Ingraham’s “balance” consisted of interrupting Gerson and attacking his ideas as too leftist. With unintentional hilarity, Ingraham waved off any Hispanics offended by the GOP's hard anti-immigration stance by arguing that it was the fault of Tea Party detractors such as Gerson. Yeah, I’m sure any Hispanic would feel reassured by what amounted to the insulting assertion that they're too dumb to understand the GOP for themselves.

Gerson said, “There’s a risk that libertarian Republicans, anti-government Republicans, anti-immigrant Republicans will create a backlash.”

Interrupting, Ingraham asked with disdain, “Who are anti-immigrant Republicans?”

Gerson didn’t miss a beat. “J.D. Hayworth, Tom Tancredo. There was a variety of them.”

He later continued, “My point is… that 2 out of every 5 Americans under the age of 18 is non-white now. I’ve been involved in three presidential campaigns. The reality – talk to anyone, talk to Karl Rove, talk to Dana Perino. If Republicans don’t get 40% or more of the Hispanic vote, they will be voted into singularity. This is a survival issue… Hispanics are not going to support the Republican Party if they feel they are a target of prejudice. That’s the reality.”

“Of course they do,” Ingraham said, interrupting again. “But they might feel like they’re a target of prejudice because (of) some of the ridiculous things that people like you say about the Tea Party movement, with all due respect.”

Gerson also went on to criticize Sharron Angle. “Angle is literally the only person in American who can re-elect Harry Reid.”

Ingraham responded, “Is this MoveOn.org or is this Michael Gerson?”

Despite relentlessly attacking his ideas, Ingraham chirped that she likes Gerson. She concluded the interview, saying, “This is why we have a big tent and we do have a big tent in the Republican Party.”


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