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Bill O'Reilly's Long Time Fixation On Porn

Reported by Ellen - August 28, 2010 -

I really could not care less that Bill O'Reilly seems to have a lifelong - if not obsession with, at least a deep interest in - pornography. The hypocrisy might be worth smirking over. But what really struck me is that this is more validation for my thesis that conservatives, especially cultural conservatives, have urges that they find frightening and thus seek to squelch them by trying to squelch those same urges/related behaviors in others.

As Raw Story reports, it seems that O'Reilly contributed to a Massachusetts newspaper while he attended Boston University many years ago. That same newspaper, still in existence, recently dug up some of his old work and found that O'Reilly's first article for the publication was a lengthy interview with the director of the "adult" film, The Devil in Miss Jones. Not only that, page 2 of the interview reveals that O'Reilly had previously interviewed porn star Linda Lovelace.

O'Reilly has many times been cited here and elsewhere for his fixation on sex. News Hounds' Judy wrote in 2005 about a similar mindset found in one of O'Reilly's early books.

As I said before, I've got no problem with anyone being interested or even fixated on sex or pornography (harassment is a different story, of course). Frankly, I get squeamish at the thought of ridiculing anyone over their sexual proclivities and practices. But when someone holds themself up as a champion of conservative Christian values - to the point of ambushing a school superintendent for not including Santa in the holiday gift room - well, these um, peccadillos make an impression.

Maybe what O'Reilly really needs to do is stop worrying about other people's behavior and just let it all hang out. In the privacy of his home, I mean.

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