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Will Michelle Malkin Condemn Death Threats On Fox Nation?

Reported by Ellen - August 26, 2010 -

Michelle Malkin visited Fox & Friends this morning to deflect blame for the stabbing of a Muslim cabdriver in New York City by - what else? - attacking the left. The sanctimonious sourpuss sneered, "It happens habitually time and again... there are people n the left with a kneejerk impulse to indict the right." Malkin went on to say she had a "catalog" of "bilge-spewing comments at Think Progress." But if Malkin's upset with what she found on Think Progress, I'd like to know what she has to say about the comments on Fox Nation, Fox News' online community supposedly devoted to civility and tolerance?

Malkin's "catalog" consists of comments such as, "This is an absolute disgrace. I blame MSM, Becky and all the other hate mongers out there. They have blood on their hands ever since Dr. Tiller was murdered." and "Tell me again, friggin wingnuts, republicans and t-baggers, what religion is violent?"

So let's compare and contrast that with some of the comments found at Fox Nation just this week on a thread about a Muslim college opening in the U.S.:

-"hopefully another Virginia Tech."
-"Encourage them to have continuous suicide practice!!!"

Or how about these comments advocating lynching illegal immigrants last January?

- "(Sheriff Joe Arpaio is) soft on these people overall... They get free medical care in the jails. Regardless how much it costs to FEED them, it's too much. A rope and a tree is really all that's needed here in Arizona."

Earlier this month, on a thread about an amusement company that pulled a shooting game because the target might have resembled President Obama too much, we found four comments wishing it had been the real thing. They were so disgusting, I won't repeat them but you can find them here.

That's just a small sample of the kind of hate and aggression we have continually found on Fox Nation.

To be fair, Fox News has just announced a new comments system so we hope that these kinds of comments will no longer find a home there. But when can we expect Malkin to speak out against the kinds of comments we have found there in the past? And why hasn't she already?

Video below via Think Progress.

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