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Steve Doocy Provides Publicity For Bill Donohue Crusade

Reported by Priscilla - August 26, 2010 -

Bill Donohue, head of the "Catholic Anti-Defamation League" but not a spokesperson for the Catholic Church, is on fire. Not with the flames of the “Holy Spirit,” but with anger towards the management of the Empire State Building because they refuse to light up the building in honor of Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday which occurs today. In May, the blustering Donohue who, if put into an old school nun’s habit would be my 6th grade teacher who took sadistic pleasure in hurling erasers into the class, was given free PR on Fox & Friends, in May, for his jihad (whoops really wrong word) “crusade” against “little preppy boys” at the Empire State. He used the opportunity to scream about “bigotry” towards Catholics. (And he’s such an articulate representative of Catholics, eh?) As an added benefit to his F & F appearance, he was able to promote a petition urging the Empire State to light up their building in the colors of Mother Teresa’s habit. And today he’s baaaack on Fox & Friends in order to promote tonight’s Catholic League protest rally in front of the Empire State. He brought with him his new Jewish BFF, Jackie Mason, whose brand of “humor” includes referring to African American politicians as “schvartzes” – a Yiddish term that, according to the NAACP which criticized Mason’s use of the term to describe NY Mayor Dinkins, has racist connotations. But as with “the war on Christmas,” Mason sides with the “goy” on this one and appeared with Bill O’Reilly to defend poor Christians who are so maligned by “happy holidays.” Bill is no fan of Jews; but he’s obviously willing to accept Mason because he’s not a Hollywood Jew who hates Catholicism and likes anal sex. (You think I’m kidding?)

Good Catholic Steve Doocy began the segment by snarking about how the Empire State was lit up for the Rotary Club’s 100 birthday and the 60th anniversary of “Communist China.” (Hey Steve, they’re holding the US mortgage!) The chyron: “Saying No To Mother Teresa, Empire State Won’t Honor Catholic Nun.” He explained that Mother Teresa won’t be honored on her 100th birthday. Mason did some “shtick” about how he knows more about Catholicism than Donohue and everybody chuckled. Doocy reported that Anthony Malkin, the owner of the building, issued a statement which stipulated that the building is not lit up for religious figures, organizations, and holidays. Donohue (who blames the pedophilia crisis in the Catholic Church on gays in the priesthood) claimed that his policy was not in effect when he applied for recognition of Mother Teresa’s birthday. Donohue brayed that “they added that after the fact in order to justify stiffing Mother Teresa.” He claimed that other religious figures have been recognized. He accused them of “lying.” Mason said that it was “total fraud” because what Mother Teresa did had nothing to do with her religion” because she served non Catholics. Bill claimed that the crowd at the rally will represent all religions and – ready for it – Curtis Sliwa, former “Guardian Angel" and Fox radio talk show host who actually supports building the NY Islamic Cultural Center. Bill said that Malkin has had a bad week; but “we’ll end the week with a smile on our face.” (Whatever Sister Bill, just don’t hit me with your pointer!). Mason got more chuckles when he said that he “hardly ever talks to Gentiles.”

Comment: What wasn’t said was that the pastor of a local Albanian Catholic (Mother Teresa was Albanian) isn’t attending; but will, instead, do a Mass in her honor at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He says “Mother Teresa would not approve of any of this. She did not live for the cause of lighting a building in her honor. She was about teaching people how to be human, how to serve each other with humility.” Another Catholic, City Council Speaker, Christian Quinn, will not attend but will spend the day doing good works in the honor of Mother Teresa. Too bad that Steve Doocy didn’t interview former nun, Mary Johnson, who said that Mother Teresa deplored fuss and would be appalled by the publicity that the protest over her birthday has generated. Nice to see the Murdoch empire aiding and abetting the “fuss.” Johnson sums it up : “Though we may argue about her religious convictions and whether to project the colors of her sari onto the Empire State Building, we can agree that Mother Teresa offered all of herself in service. She touched our hearts and taught us to look for the best in each other. Let's honor that.” Too bad Bill and Steve don’t see it that way!


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