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Laura Ingraham And Dick Morris Agree: Purpose Of Ground Zero Mosque Is To “Indoctrinate” American Muslims In "Revolting" Sharia Law

Reported by Ellen - August 26, 2010 -

If Fox News’ and right wing concern about the so-called ground zero mosque, actually an Islamic cultural center named Park 51, is out of sensitivity to 9/11 victims, then why is there such a non-stop parade of inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric and nightly demonization of the imam and his wife? Does Fox News think that is balm on the wounds of 9/11 victims? Is stirring up Islamophobia a way of healing? Last night (8/25/10), Dick Morris hate mongered about the Islamic cultural center and Muslims, in general, by claiming that the purpose of the so-called mosque is to “counter the assimilationist tendencies of Muslims in the United States” and to “recruit people, train them, indoctrinate them in” "revolting" sharia law. Laura Ingraham, substituting for Bill O’Reilly told Morris, “I’m where you are on this issue.”

Ingraham began by once again complaining about “elite after elite after elite” talking about intolerance “when there’s clearly not an obligation on the other side to show the same level of tolerance.” As if tolerance were based on what other people do. And really, Laura, your “regular gal” talk is either disingenuous or else you truly believe that most Americans are like you: lawyers who clerk for Supreme Court justices, work as White House speechwriters, have a radio show, guest host on television and work the speaker circuit in their spare time.

Morris said, “This mosque has nothing to do with religious freedom or tolerance. People don’t understand the fundamental nature of Islam. Islam is a juridical religion, just like Judaism is.” According to Morris, imams “are there in charge of applying sharia law. And don’t think of it as a mosque. Think of it as a law school in sharia law where they recruit people, train them, indoctrinate them in it. And sharia law has contained within it, not just this horrible, vicious abasement of women, which is revolting throughout it, but it also has jihad, and suicide bombing and terrorism built right into the structure.”

Ingraham said, “Obviously, I’m where you are on this issue.”

Morris continued, “(Sharia law) explicitly embraces jihad, and suicide bombings, self sacrifice and slaying the infidel. It’s a crucial part of it.”

He later said that while some mosques are “religious institutions” that have nothing to do with sharia law, the mosque proposed for the Islamic cultural center near ground zero is not. According to Morris, the Park 51 project is a “sharia institution… Essentially a law school to study sharia law and to spawn adherence and devotees. The reason the Muslim community, the radical Muslim community is so anxious for this thing to be built is because they want to counter the assimilationist tendencies of Muslims in the United States.”

Morris offered no evidence that that is the case and Ingraham asked for none. Instead she asked what can be done to fight this supposed creeping radical Islamism.

Morris just happened to have another fund raising pitch, this time for a lawsuit against AIG for selling sharia compliant funds.

Fox News “sensitivity” to 9/11 victims looks more and more like exploitation for its own Islamophobic, anti-Muslim agenda.

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