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Color of Change Launches “Turn Off Fox” Campaign

Reported by Alex - August 26, 2010 -

Color of Change, the group that cost the Glenn Beck Show over 100 sponsors at home and abroad with their Boycott Beck campaign, have just launched another broadside against Fox News Channel. The latest campaign, Turn Off Fox, calls on individuals to do exactly that, and to sign a petition which will ask businesses and other public establishments across the United States to join them in changing the channel. But will displaying the free sticker that Color of Change will send you as thanks for signing the petition be like wearing a target on your back?

According to the Color of Change website, volunteers will approach neighborhood businesses with copies of the signed petition, along with fact sheets and supporting documents, in the hope that those establishments will realize that supporting Fox will lose them customers. The petition reads,

I won't play Fox News in my home, and I'm calling on businesses and other public establishments to stop playing Fox. I don't want Fox spreading hate, lies, and division in my community, and I want to support businesses that are Fox-free.
In other words, boycott Fox or we boycott you.

Comment: When I read that volunteers will be going into Fox-force-feeding establishments and asking them to tune the teevee to, oh, maybe SpongeBob or Oprah, visions of earnest young men and women hurtling through the air followed closely by flying beer bottles and barstools danced in my head. However, they’re far more likely to be chased with zimmer frames and flying dentures, since the median age of the Fox day and primetime audience is over 65

Not much to worry about there, but I’m not sure I can say the same, in the current hate-filled climate, when it comes to the safety of those of us who might put Color of Change’s free sticker on our cars.


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