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Alan Colmes Smacks Down Laura Ingraham On Ground Zero Mosque Hysteria, Then Gets Smeared by Ralph Peters

Reported by Ellen - August 25, 2010 -

Alan Colmes did a terrific job on The O’Reilly Factor last night (8/24/10) as he argued with substitute host Laura Ingraham about the “controversial” imam and his wife spearheading the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. Colmes not only put up a vigorous defense of the couple, he confronted Ingraham for refusing to allow him to talk (“Let me know when I can respond to your question”) and, most importantly, at least partially reframed the debate from defending the imam to going on offense: “Laura, you are guilty of smearing a man by taking one sentence out of context and ignoring the number of things he has said that are indeed bridge building.” In fairness, when she wasn’t talking over Colmes, Ingraham took it all in stride and with good humor. But her following guest, the retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a Fox News “strategic analyst” with a history of extremist, violent rhetoric, opened his segment – supposedly about Iraq, nothing to do with the mosque – by smearing Colmes.

After introducing Peters, Ingraham asked what he thought of the “smackdown” with “my old friend, Alan Colmes.”

Peters sneered, “Alan Colmes needs to leave the humor to Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart is funny on purpose and he’s good at it. Alan Colmes is funny by accident and he’s not good at it. And you notice that Alan didn’t answer your question which was – he didn’t really answer it, ‘Do you believe that America’s guilty, has more blood on its hands than Al Qaeda,’ as Imam Rauf said publicly.”

Actually, Colmes did “really” answer the question. He said, “I agree with it in the broader context.” He went on to cite Michael Scheuer, a terrorism expert respected by conservatives, who has said, “They don’t hate us because of who we are. They hate us because of what we do.” Colmes added, “The truth of the matter is, because of the vehemence with which we’ve gone into Iraq and Afghanistan, we have had more collateral damage because of the number of…”

Colmes never got to finish his sentence because Ingraham interrupted him. But when he had the chance to speak again, he said, “The fact is, if you look at the actual metrics, yes, we have to understand how our actions in other parts of the world affect (their) view of us.”

Peters, however, wasn’t finished smearing. He said, “These people are really good cons (the imam and his wife or Muslims in general?). These people are playing the American liberal establishment elite for all its worth and if Imam Rauf got on TV tomorrow and said, ‘I think America is evil and hateful and I hope it is destroyed,’ the New York Times would explain that, ‘Well, really he didn’t mean it that way. You have to take it in context.'”

Ingraham sneered, “The elites really are more afraid of conservative Christians, are they not, oftentimes, than they are afraid of anything Al Qaeda or jihadists are ever going to do to the country... So they don’t really have problems when they hear stuff like that.”

Don’t you just love it when these well-paid media personalities whine about elites? I mean, they sit there in their coiffed hair and makeup, pretending to be “just folks” when they probably pay more in rent or mortgage than I and most of my liberal friends earn in a year.

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