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Greg Gutfeld Attacks Pro-Choice Women & Planned Parenthood In Bizarre Anti-Choice Rant!

Reported by Priscilla - August 24, 2010 -

Greg Gutfeld must have been such a cute little altar boy at St. Gregory’s Catholic Church in San Mateo, California. But despite Catholic teachings about “purity” and not abusing one’s body, when Greg grew up he worked at a “lad” magazine in Britain (“Maxim”) and, by his own admission, drank a lot. But now that he’s on Fox’s “Red Eye” he must be back in the embrace of holy mother church as shown by frequent appearances of Fox News’ resident clergyman, Father Jonathan Morris, who teaches Catholic dogma on “Red Eye.” As you probably know, Gutfeld is now into teaching tolerance. He wants to open a gay bar, next to the Manhattan Islamic cultural center in order to prove just how tolerant he is and just how homophobic Islam is. The Catholic Church condemns homosexual behavior (it’s fine to be gay just be celibate); so I don’t know what his church’s teaching would be on Gutfeld opening a gay bar in an area where there are other gay bars that the local Muslims don’t have a problem with. But in accordance with his church’s teaching, Gutfeld is anti-choice and so not tolerant towards those who advocate for women’s reproductive freedom. He recently did a take down (August 19th) of the Emily’s list “Mama Grizzlies” ad, in which women, dressed as bears, state that unlike Palin’s Mama Grizzlies, these Mama Grizzlies want their female cubs to live in a world of reproductive choice. Granted, the bear headgear is a little strange and worth some snark; but Gutfeld used the commercial in a bizarre rant that promoted all the standard anti-choice talking points which included an insult to pro-choice moms and grandmothers along with Planned Parenthood.

Gutfeld joked that the women on Emily’s list “hate Sarah as much as they hate inconvenient infants, I mean fetuses sorry.” (Anti-choice misogyny – the meme that slattern pro choice women hate “babies.”) He joked that these “Mama Grizzlies” attack “when their cubs are threatened; but apparently not when their cubs are aborted.” (Anti choice meme – fetuses are “hurt” by abortion). He continued “abortion is OK; but take away my health care” he screamed “nobody’s taking away your health care.” (Anti choice meme – reproductive rights aren’t “health care.”) His “panel” tried to steer the discussion to the bear hair. Kimberly Guilfoyle said that the ad was in poor taste and alienates people. Gutfeld said that he didn’t understand the argument that they were defending their daughter’s right to choose so that means “they’re defending their daughter’s right to abort their grandchild. I don’t know any grandmother who would do that.” Divorced and remarried Catholic Guilfoyle said “right.” He continued that the “argument should be my daughter should defend my right to have aborted her. My daughter should be able to travel back in time…mommy no, Planned Parenthood suctioned me out.” (Ah, the anti-choice meme of the evil Planned Parenthood where anti-choice "sidewalk counselors" yell "mommy, mommy, don't kill me" at every woman walking into Planned Parenthood.)

Comment: Gutfeld may not know grandmothers who support their daughter’s and granddaughter’s right to an abortion; but they are legion. Perhaps the most famous is former governor of Texas Ann Richards, who at the Democratic Convention of 1992, proudly took the stage and said “I’m Ann Richards, I’m pro-choice, and I vote. Joining her was her daughter, the awesome Cecile Richards, who is head of Planned Parenthood For America, and her granddaughters. Word to Greg – Pro-choice grandmothers and mothers respect the choices made by their offspring. For them, having the right to have reproductive choice is just as important as producing grandchildren because, unlike the anti-choice movement (and Greg Gutfeld), they don’t see women as mere baby makers; but women capable of determining if and when they chose to make babies. These grannies lived in the day when abortion was illegal and women died in back alley abortions. So they know what they're talking about. The thing about traveling back in time was just bizarre; but reminiscent of the truly specious anti-choice “question” of “what would you do if your mother chose to abort you” – a question that is ridiculous considering that one’s mother could have chosen not to have sex on the night of conception or that one’s mother could have chosen to ride in a car that collided with a train. It’s meaningless.

And one of the names for Greg's gay bar, suggested by the fine folks at “Queerty,” is priceless: “The Gutter. A semi-eponymous nod to the bar's owner, it also connotes the feeling of a dive bar, which Greg's venue most certainly will be.”