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Steve Doocy Suggests “Anti-Christian Sentiment” Behind Opposition To Vermont Cross

Reported by Priscilla - August 23, 2010 -

The good Christians on Fox & Friends have never seen a cross story that they didn’t embrace. Opposition to Christian crosses also dovetails nicely with the persecuted Christians who always have sanctuary on Fox & Friends. This morning, good Christian Steve Doocy interviewed a woman who is involved in a case that pits the First Amendment against local zoning and land use policy. But rather than just stick to the facts, Doocy suggested that opposition to this 24 foot cross, on private property, might be because of “anti-Christian” sentiment. See folks, this is Vermont and Vermont is liberal and because they’re liberal they hate Christians. Jesus Christ….is there no depth that Steve Doocy and his fellow Christian soldiers on Fox & Friends won’t stoop in order to push the persecuted Christian agitprop!!!!

The Burlington Free Press has the backstory. Richard and Joan Downing, devout Catholics, have erected a chapel and 24 foot cross on their property in rural Vermont to serve their children and foster children. The chapel is open to the public. In 2007, they erected this “cross of love of Dozule,” outside the chapel. The cross commemorates an alleged appearance of Jesus in the town of Dozule, France. (An appearance not certified by the Vatican). The neighbors say it is very bright and should be treated, legally, in the same way that a neon sign for a business would be. The local environmental commission said that the Downing’s would need an amended permit which was subsequently denied as the commission felt that the cross has an “adverse effect” on the beauty of the area. The Downing’s attorney feels that land use laws can’t override the Constitution. Assistant Attorney General says that courts try to determine if restrictions, such as these, represent a burden of the exercise of religion and that the Downing’s don’t appear to be adversely affected. More arguments in the case are expected this month.

But you obviously Steve Doocy either doesn’t know the details or chooses to ignore them because the details of the case were conspicuously absent during his interview with Mrs. Downing – during which a graphic of a Christian cross appeared next to the words “cross conterversy.” Good Catholic Doocy began with something that he frequently does and what appears to be well thought out propaganda. Rather than let the guest explain the situation, he sums it up. That way, he can tell the story through the prism of the propaganda being presented. This usually involves imputing a motive that makes makes the guest more sympathetic to the “real” Americans and real Christians in the audience. (Given Fox & Friends’ content, a big demographic). Doocy summed it up: “A couple of years ago, you built this beautiful chapel, on your property, for your family, you got a great big family, you wanted them to be able to worship there on your property. Uh, Uh, you later and we should point out its open to the public, later you put this 24 foot cross of love from Dozule, on your property and that’s when you started having trouble with the neighbors, right?” Although Doocy didn’t mention the problem with the light intensity, she said that they lowered the lights. Doocy affirmed that the neighbor’s complaint that it was very bright at nighttime, “it’ really bugging him.” Doocy repeated how the chapel is full on Sundays with all the Downing’s own and foster children. He then, dramatically, his voice rising, referenced how after the permit was granted for the chapel, “they denied” (high pitch voiced rising to piercing whine) “you that permit, why?” (Why indeed Steve, if you read the article in the newspaper, you would know “why.”) When Downing couldn’t explain, Doocy said “they just said the cross would have to come down?” (Right Steve, they didn’t get the necessary permit – as detailed in the Vermont Environmental Court paper.)

But here’s the money comment: “Now Joan, do you have a sneaking suspicion that maybe this isn’t just about a lighted up cross that maybe it’s, uh, an anti-Christian sentiment that might be prevalent there?” She said that they felt it was “a cover-up” and evidence of “hostility towards Christianity.” She said that she and her husband will appeal the decision. Doocy said “all you want is to be able to keep that cross in front of your chapel.”

Comment: Fox & Friends doesn’t seem to be concerned about First Amendment issues related to the Islamic cultural center in NY. They also seem to think that "the will of the people" prevails over the right to build the center. But the situation is reversed, here. Guess not all religious symbols are created equal. Ya think