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Hard Hat Refusnik Mosque Opponent, Andy Sullivan, Attacks “Ruling Class” In Return Fox & Friends Appearance

Reported by Priscilla - August 22, 2010 -

“Hard Hat” and right wing partisan, Andy Sullivan, who is refusing “to lift one finger” to work on the Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan is very grateful for the “friendship” extended to him by Fox News in the form of two segments, on Fox & Friends, during which he was able to promote his “Hard Hat Pledge.” This “Pledge” is a petition, on his virulently anti-Obama website, which is extended to all those who wish to publicly declare that they won’t work on the cultural center. So are we surprised that he appeared on this morning’s Fox & Friends in order to promote the “Hard Hat” rally being held, today, against the building of the cultural center. Unlike Brian Kilmeade’s interview, in which Kilmeade validated everything Sullivan said, this one was a little less friendly.

Alysin Camerota began by reporting that, since Sullivan’s last appearance, a lot has happened. She referenced how the wife of Imam Rauf, Daily Khan, is steadfast in her determination to stay at the location because this center will help to educate the community about Islam and “be there for Muslims who feel ostracized…” Sullivan, wearing his patriotic red, white, and blue hard hat said, “Wow, what an act of tolerance on her behalf.” Dave Briggs noted that Muslims are already praying in this building and asked what, exactly, Sullivan objected to. Sullivan, a pal of Islamophobic Pam Geller, said that it’s not about the praying. He said that what they’re against is this “mega mosque structure” which is a misnomer, but a popular right wing meme, because this is a cultural center which contains a mosque. He then claimed that the abandoned Burlington Coat Factory was “for all intents and purposes, the first strike” of the 9-11 attacks” because the landing gear hit the building before the WTC came down and “that alone should have cleared it for landmark status.” Camerota, who actually does “fair & balanced” hardball questions, asked him if this is a community center “what about it do you object to.” Sullivan responded that it was the symbolism and “the message extending to the rest of the world.” (LOL – the message that Americans are as intolerant as Muslims believe them to be!) He added that “this is the will of the people.” (Right, erecting religious edifices is by popular referendum and not a function of the Constitution). He continued, “it’s the 9-11 families” (Hey Andy, your pal Debra Burlingame doesn’t speak for all the families.) and cited “old wounds that are being opened.” He said that he “can’t let this happen.” Getting increasingly agitated Sullivan said that “it’s just not the mosque; it’s the ruling class going against the will of the people.” Briggs disclosed something new – that there is just a blueprint for the center and no architectural design. He asked how Sullivan would react if this were just four stories. Sullivan said that he probably wouldn’t; but certainly will “when they blast off this tower.” Sullivan looked pissed when Briggs said that compromise might be possible.

When Camerota asked him “what message” the rally will send, he repeated that this is “not against Islam” and “not a war on prayer;” but it’s “to tell the ruling class that have constantly going against the will of the people, enough is enough. We are done.” He asked “if we build this mosque on the ashes of our dead ones, on sacred grounds, what’s next? What else is coming down the pike?” (Uh, nothing, Andy unless this is really about Islam, after all.) It is interesting that Sullivan says that it’s not about religion, considering the anti-Islamic comments on his site ("Across the world and even in our own neighborhoods Muslims celebrated in the streets as the nation grieved like never before") and how he’s being promoted on rabidly Islamophobic websites such as this one.

Comment: I suspect that if the residents of Manhattan were polled about the Irish who were pouring into the city in the 1800’s, the “will of the people” would have been that this Papist trash, as they were viewed by the Protestant natives, go right back to Ireland! But good job, weekend crew! Your interview was free of the partisanship seen by your friendly week day counterparts!

So it's not about "religion?"