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Fox News Guest Shrugs Off Death Threats Against Ground Zero Mosque Family: We See Death Threats Happen All The Time

Reported by Ellen - August 21, 2010 -

America Live purported to hold a discussion about the effects of the controversy surrounding the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” on the Imam and his wife, Daisy Khan. But the segment was little more than a thinly veiled opportunity to air more Islamophobic hysteria whitewashed as “debate.” Unfortunately, the liberal guest, Professor Mark Sawyer, never challenged the set up.

Substitute host Shannon Bream set the tone early by gratuitously mentioning that the imam is “on a mideast tour funded by your tax dollars.”

After mentioning in her discussion that, according to Khan, “her family’s become a target” Bream “asked,” “(Khan) mentions fighting back against Islamophobia. But a lot of times when people bring that up, in a debate some think it’s akin to playing the race card because if you’re going to go after every opponent of your idea and label them that way, is that just as dangerous as what she’s accusing the opponents of doing?”

I've got a question for you, Ms. Bream: How about doing some real research into whether the attacks have been truly Islamophobic – like Sean Hannity suggesting that women could get stoned to death if the mosque gets built or your own suggestion that the mosque was getting preference over a Christian church? Or how about Rush Limbaugh calling the President “Imam Obama?” Is there anything about that rhetoric that would strike you as over the top? Or are you so determined to further the anti-Islamic meme that you’ll turn a blind eye to any excess on your own side? Or does your “walk with Christ” only include sensitivity to Christians?

Actually, Bream didn’t have to look any further than this very segment. Conservative guest and loud-mouth radio talk show host Ben Ferguson came out of the gate yelling - and as belligerent as though the mosque were about to be built in his own backyard by Osama Bin Laden. And clearly, Ferguson was not interested in making much distinction between Bin Laden and Khan. Ferguson said about Khan, “This is what the Islamic world does. It’s called, ‘We are going to defy what people want and logic.’”

There was no challenge from Bream about that!

Bream later said, “Daisy Khan has come forward to say that her family is receiving death threats. OK, so has this conversation gone too far, this debate gone too far if that is indeed true. We have no reason to doubt what she’s telling us.”

Ferguson displayed a nauseating unconcern. “Look, we see death threats happen all the time. I get ‘em as a talk show host. Many others get them all the time. There are people out there that are crazy.”

He went on to blame Khan for the death threats. “She is an extremist and that’s the reason why this is happening!” he shouted.

Bream had no problem with any of Ferguson’s comments. In fact, she soon signaled her agreement with him by bringing up polling showing that “most Americans… as Ben pointed out (my emphasis), it’s more about the question of appropriateness.”

Ferguson got the last word by shrieking, “(Khan) is an extremist and she does want this to be there and she wants to pour salt in the wounds of so many affected by it. And she’s defiant about it.”

Bream closed by saying, “Great points on both sides.”

Don't forget America Live is supposedly part of Fox News' "objective news."

You can contact the show at Kelly@foxnews.com. You can contact Ferguson via his webmail.

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