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The Fox News Pundits Blame Obama For Perception He’s A Muslim

Reported by Ellen - August 20, 2010 -

Just as Sean Hannity did last night (8/19/10), a slew of other Fox News pundits immediately blamed President Obama for the public’s misperception that he’s a Muslim. Democrat Kirsten Powers did an excellent job putting the focus on the likes of Rush Limbaugh and asking why mainstream Republicans are not repudiating such rhetoric. So why aren’t other Democrats coming out and demanding similar answers?

During an apearance on Happening Now yesterday, Powers jumped right out and reframed the issue (always the wise thing for a Democrat to do on Fox) by saying, “It’s the conservative media who have partnered up with conservative Christians who have started this.” Noting that it’s “troubling” that being called a Muslim is being used as a smear, she added, “They’ve started this and then it’s carried on in an attempt to make people think that Obama isn’t like them, he’s not an American, the whole birther movement. All these things that have been happening on the conservative side which, frankly, I haven’t heard a lot of conservatives telling them to knock it off… The birther movement really hasn’t been shut down… George Bush never went to church. Yet I never heard us talking about this. So I’m hoping that Chip (Saltsman, the Republican guest) is going to now tell us how wrong this is and that people should stop saying it about him.”

Saltsman agreed that “this shouldn’t have anything to do with (Obama)” and that it “doesn’t have any place in really good public policy discussions but the reality is, it is.” Then Saltsman went on to blame Obama by saying that it’s because “his approval ratings have gone down, (Americans) don’t like what he’s done.”

Powers came back with “people like Rush Limbaugh” referring to Obama as “Imam Hussein Obama” and the “constant insinuations” from the conservatives. “So don’t make it out that …people are upset with his policies.”

Powers added, “You are better than this… You can not actually say it’s OK to call him ‘Imam Obama.’”

Why isn’t every Democrat demanding similar answers from the GOP and its loud-mouthed, race-baiting pundits?

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