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Steve Doocy Advances New Persecuted Christian Anti-Mosque Meme

Reported by Priscilla - August 19, 2010 -

The anti-mosque right wing, aided and abetted by Fox “News,” is trying to show that that the Islamic cultural center is getting preferential treatment over a Greek Orthodox church, on the WTC site, which still has not been rebuilt. There is no comparison or connection between the structures. The church is snagged in negotiations with the NY City Port Authority over public funding and technicalities related to building in the WTC area. The “mosque” is privately funded and because it’s two blocks away, it doesn’t face the logistic challenges that the church does. Not surprisingly, the loudest voice in the right wing anti-mosque cacophony and Murdoch tag team member, Pam Geller wrote that the mosque was getting preferential treatment. So cue Fox News to pick up Geller’s ball and run with it.

NY GOP Congressional Candidate George Demos was interviewed on Fox & Friends, on August 2nd, when he said that "the Port Authority is attacking Judeo-Christian values in not allowing them to go forward." Islamophobe Geller wrote her comment, on her blog, that same day. Yesterday, Shannon Bream interviewed Demos who said that President Obama should intervene in the situation involving the church. He also said that the mosque was “steps away” from the WTC site. This morning, Steve Doocy and Alysin Camerota interviewed a Greek Orthodox priest, Father Mark Arey who explained what was going on. The Chyron showed the Muslim crescent moon and star alternating with a cross (The Western Christian cross and not the Greek one!) The agitprop chyron: “What About the WTC Church, St. Nicholas was Crushed When WTC Collapsed.” The interview was pretty straight forward until the end. Obviously needing to work in the requisite anti-mosque propaganda, Doocy asked an obvious propaganda based question. He asked Father Arey if he “perceives a double standard” between the church and the Islamic cultural center. Doocy, hoping for some right wing red meat, didn’t get it. Father Arey said that while there might be some “irony” in the situation, the Islamic cultural center is not at “Ground Zero.”

Comment: That’s probably the last time you’ll see Father Arey on Fox News. But it’s really interesting that beyond the right wing politicization of this issue, the right wing is using it as a wedge to separate Christians from what, in much of the Christian right wing, is perceived as a godless and heretical religion whose followers are destroying our culture. We’ve been there and done that, nein? I’ll stop before I turn into Glenn Beck!

Jesus loves them, yes he does!


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