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Fox “News” Anchor, Shannon Bream, Takes Up The Christian Cross

Reported by Priscilla - August 19, 2010 -

Court cases involving an affront to Christian cross are huuuuuuge on Fox & Friends. But, while “Fox & Friends” is part of Fox’s “opinion” line-up, “America Live” is supposed to be “news.” So, one can understand the steady drumbeat about persecuted Christians on “Fox & Friends.” But if “America Live” is a “news” show, shouldn’t it take a more “fair & balanced” look at issues that pertain to judicial decisions regarding Christian cases. Oh wait, Fox is America’s Christian newsroom. I forgot, silly me.

Shannon Bream channeled a little Gretchen Carlson (she’s blonde, too!) when she began by referencing a court decision that has “some people shaking their heads.” She reported on a Federal court decision that found that roadside crosses, honoring fallen state troopers in Utah, were unconstitutional. For those of us in the reality based community, this is like “d’uhh,” Christian crosses shouldn’t be on public land because they “endorse” a particular type of religion. Should be a slam dunk. But not for Fox “News” who interviewed the son of a fallen trooper who is upset about the decision. Bream asked this man what it meant to him to “have these crosses out there as a reminder of the sacrifice that your father made.” The man responded that the crosses were a way for the families to “heal” and “let the public know that a trooper gave his life in this area.” He said that they didn’t know what else to use as a symbol but crosses were the ones that are “understood the easiest.” While he spoke, photos of lots of crosses were shown. But as part of Fox “News” fair and balanced “news” presentation, Bream brought in (ROFLMAO) a lawyer for the “Alliance Defense Fund” a Christian law group and a Utah state trooper. Bream quoted the court decision which referenced how the crosses were Christian symbols. ADF lawyer, a smiling Byron Babbion, said that the decision was wrong and that other court decision say that it’s cool to have Christian crosses as long as the intent is secular. Bream said that the trooper was "out there, every day risking your life…” and asked the trooper how he felt about the crosses. As if we didn’t know what the answer would be, the trooper said that “we felt that it was very important” to have the crosses as it was a way to honor his comrades. Babbion said that the decision will be appealed because his group won’t “let the American atheists and their allies to eradicate everything that has a traditional religious symbol from public life…” He added that his group fights for religious liberties.

Comment: So on Fox “News” we have only the “Christian” perspective on this matter. Not one word from those who opposed, as the court decided, taxpayer funded Christian symbols on public property. Real “Fair & Balanced.” “Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus….”


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