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After 6 Pro-Drilling Segments in Alaska, On The Record Airs One Against

Reported by Ellen - August 19, 2010 -

Greta Van Susteren wound up her Alaska/Palin/drill-a-palooza series last night (8/18/10) with two more pro-drilling-in-Alaska segments: one with Sarah Palin in which the two BFF’s took an “up close” look at Valdez and one with a vice president of Shell. In addition to those two, Van Susteren also aired three pro-Alaska-drilling segments the night before and one from the night before that. That makes a total of six drilling a-go-go segments. Last night, after the Valdez and Shell segments, Van Susteren aired one segment featuring a different view: with Congressman Jay Inslee, who gave a cogent argument against drilling in ANWR (raising the same concerns I noted). So there you have an example of Fox News' fairness and balance: Six segments with one view, one with another. But wait, there's more. UPDATED: Van Susteren ran another anti-drilling segment Thursday, May 19.

Inslee went on to say that the real issue is not where to drill for more oil but investing in green energy sources, needed to compete in the world marketplace. But after a brief overview, Greta ran out of time and had to go. Think she’ll do a six-part series on green energy? Unless Sarah Palin suddenly tweets about it, don’t hold your breath.

Don't forget that Fox likes to hold up Van Susteren as their "liberal" balance to the rest of their prime time line up.

I'm placing the video of Inslee first but it aired last.

UPDATE: On Thursday (8/19/10), Van Susteren aired a second lengthy segment with a guest against drilling. That's certainly better than a 6-1 pro-drilling ratio. But 6-2 is hardly balanced.

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