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Van Susteren’s Drilling/Palin PR-Palooza Continues

Reported by Ellen - August 18, 2010 -

Greta Van Susteren followed up her ANWR drilling/Palin lovefest of the day before with three more segments with the same obvious design: promoting drilling in ANWR and promoting Sarah Palin as an energy expert. Only the backdrops were different. This time (8/17/10), we rode with Palin and her husband in a plane, visited a resident outside ANWR and visited Valdez in a boat. In all three cases, Van Susteren swallowed without question Palin’s pro-drilling rhetoric, fed her questions and dropped little helpful comments designed to advance Palin’s rhetoric. Van Susteren even left unchallenged Palin’s ludicrous claim that drilling in ANWR is a “national security need.”

In the first video, below, Palin blathered on and on about her energy mojo in enforcing safe drilling. Van Susteren didn’t bother to investigate what has happened before or after Palin - who served little more than half a term before quitting. Instead, she let Palin blather further about the importance of drilling, take a swipe at Joe Biden for voting against the pipeline, and then go on to say that now that the oil from the pipeline is diminishing, “The only way we’re going to get more oil in there is for the oil companies to have that allowance (to drill) in different areas like NPRA and ANWR.”

“This is a national security need,” Palin said, waving her pen around. “There is that inherent link between security and our own domestic development.” If Palin’s so knowledgeable, why didn’t she address the fact that the best case scenario by the Energy Information Administration under George W. Bush estimated that ANWR would replace only 6% of our imported petroleum but not until about 20-30 years after production begins?

Van Susteren either didn’t know (a three-day series and she didn’t do any research on ANWR’s potential?) or she deliberately chose not to challenge Palin. Neither possibility reflects well on Fox News’ only “Democratic” host.

Van Susteren did announce that on an upcoming show she’ll have someone with an opposing opinion. Will he get four lengthy segments, as Palin did (so far) to present his views and will Van Susteren have the same acquiescent attitude?

Stay tuned.

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