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Glenn Beck Attacks Obama For Being “In Lockstep” With Hamas For Supporting Ground Zero Mosque, Then Exhorts People Of Faith To Stand Together

Reported by Ellen - August 18, 2010 -

Glenn Beck’s latest demagoguery: suggesting our president is a terrorist – and a Muslim terrorist at that – by saying he’s “in lockstep” with Hamas. Why? Because President Obama and a Hamas leader support the building of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.” Of course, Beck didn’t accuse Michael Gerson, a senior aide and speechwriter for George W. Bush, of being “in step” with terrorists, nor did he accuse the numerous prominent Christian and Jewish leaders and scholars who have thrown their support to the project (and condemned Beck’s rhetoric). Instead, chickenhawk Beck made sure to pick a target he knew would not hit back. Then, as if in response to his critics, Beck made a splashy (and self-promoting) pretense of endorsing all faiths.

Beck didn’t just accuse Obama of being “in lockstep” with Hamas once. Beck said it at least twice in his opening monologue yesterday (8/17/10). First, at about the 2 minute mark. Beck said, “Nothing says building bridges to me like the leader of Hamas… You have Hamas and the president in lockstep. Ha!”

Then, at about the 10:40 minute mark, Beck said, “Who is this president in step with – I mean, besides Hamas? Who?” Beck leaned forward and mugged for the camera with a hammy finger touch to his face.

After a brief plug for a “15-minute spiritual thought of the day” on his website, Beck said in his serious voice, “You know we have a lot more in common. People of faith have got to start standing together. I don’t know how people can feel so threatened by faith. I really don’t. I hate to tell you. When we need help, we all call to the same guy.”

Besides the ludicrous hypocrisy of Beck calling for religious unity at the same time hate mongering against a mosque, Beck has a long history of being a religious bigot. Who can forget his saying, that he "felt like asking" Keith Ellison, the first Muslim Congressman, to “prove” he is “not working with our enemies?” How about his McCarthyesque attacks on churches he considers Marxist? Or his cowardly attacks on Rev. Jim Wallis?

Please feel free to contact Beck at glennbeck@foxnews.com or me@glennbeck.com.

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