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Where's Hannity's Outrage About Sen. Levin Getting Hit With A Pie?

Reported by Ellen - August 17, 2010 -

Less than a week after Sean Hannity was in a Hanctimonious snit over a Democrat wishing that Sarah Palin had been on Ted Stevens' (crashed) airplane, a protester hit Sen. Carl Levin in the face with a pie. So what did Hannity have to say about that on his Fox News show? Nothing. There was no discussion about it on Hannity last night (8/16/10).

Mediaite speculates that the lack of cable news coverage has to do with lack of video. I'm sure that's true to some degree. But there was no video of the death wish for Palin, either. As Hannity tells it, the sentiments were posted about Palin on Facebook.

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