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Fox “News” Finds Another Muslim Opposed To Mosque – From Right Wing Lobby Group!

Reported by Priscilla - August 17, 2010 -

In its relentless campaign against the lower Manhattan Islamic cultural center, Fox “News,” is attempting to show that even Muslims oppose the building of the “mosque.” So far, they’ve corralled two Canadian Muslims, and two Muslim converts to Christianity. But these Muslims appeared on Fox “opinion” shows. Today, on what is considered an actual “news” show, Bill Hemmer interviewed an American Muslim, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the “American Islamic Forum for Democracy” who said Obama shouldn’t have “engaged in this,” the building the mosque is “wrong,” and that Muslims behind the building of the mosque should spend their money on combating terrorism. He said that he’s looked at 9-11 “as an American” and that 9-11 is not “a place to sell Islam.” While he spoke, shots of “Ground Zero” were shown. The chyron was “American Muslim Group Says President Is Wrong on Mosque Issue.” Not surprisingly, Hemmer pulled out the poll that shows Americans opposed to the Mosque. (Thank You Fox News!). Jasser smeared Imam Rauf as an “apologist” whose views discourage Muslims from “hard reform.” As if on cue, Jasser articulated the right wing meme that Rauf has made disparaging remarks about American foreign policy and “who we are as Americans.” After hearing Jasser’s comments, which echo those of the right wing opposition to the mosque, I decided to do a little googling. What I found wasn’t surprising.

His group (whose “us” consists of only Dr. Jasser) fights “Islamofascism," is "a leading voice for liberty-minded Muslims in America in the war on terror," and is endorsed by the anti-Islamic, neo-con Daniel Pipes. Jasser is a frequent contributor to the conservative “National Review Online.” His site has an article about CAIR’s “outrageous attack” on the Tea Party.

Comment: So was this just a coincidence that Bill Hemmer’s guest is both a “moderate Muslim” who is opposed to the mosque and also a right wing “apologist?


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