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Bill O’Reilly: Opposition To Mosque Not Religious But Muslims Murdered Americans On 9-11?!

Reported by Priscilla - August 17, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly, in his infinite wisdom, doesn’t think that the leader of our country should speak out about an American Constitutional thingie called “freedom of religion” as related to the Islamic Center controversy in lower Manhattan. In last night’s talking points, he opined that Obama had made “a big mistake” in telling a group of Muslims that the Islamic community in NY City had a right to build an Islamic cultural center which includes a mosque. Then he claimed that Obama “walked back” his comment by subsequently saying that he wasn’t addressing the wisdom of the endeavor. He asked why Obama won’t comment on this “inappropriate” action which “even some Muslims “understand.” He then played a segment, from an earlier show, in which a Canadian Muslim (since when does Bill go to Canada for affirmation!) spoke against the mosque. (FYI, Raheel Raza published an article, in the right wing “American Thinker,” about the Islamist threat to Canada part of which appears to be Muslim lawyers who sued right wing Mark Steyn (Hannity “sub”) regarding what they considered to be Islamophobia in an article in a Canadian magazine.) And while Bill said that opposition to the mosque doesn't involve freedom of religion, he noted that some 9-11 families oppose the mosque because members of the Islamic faith killed their loved ones. He showed a poll which indicated that the majority of Americans (not those living in Manhattan) oppose the mosque and that Obama is going against “the will of the people” by supporting the right of Muslims to build their mosque. Hey Bill, can we talk?

So Bill, the Catholic IRA has killed lots of people in both Britain and Northern Ireland. Should no Catholic churches or community centers be built near the site of the murders? The Jews suffered, for centuries, from Catholic persecution which involved the deaths of untold numbers of Jews. Should Catholic churches not be built near synagogues? And should the siting of religious edifices, in the US, be determined by “the will of the people” because, as the President pointed out, we do have a constitutional amendment which speaks to freedom of religion. This is a NY City matter. Why is “America” “voting” on this? I thought conservatives believed in local jurisdiction over local matters. But Bill, while you’re giving Obama advice, here’s some that you should take. Please read George Washington’s letter to the Jews of Newport RI in which he said “To Bigotry No Sanction, to Persecution No Assistance.” Was this a “Big Mistake?”

Addendum: Mark Halprin, co-author of the best seller "Game Change" said something interesting this morning on "Morning Joe." He mentioned, in reference to polls citing popular opposition to the mosque, that poll numbers were never cited by the right wing when the Bush administration was defying polls on the war in Iraq.


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