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Neil Cavuto Loves Free, Fat American Kids?

Reported by Priscilla - August 16, 2010 -

There’s a narrative, in today’s rabid right wing, that any governmental attempts to encourage healthy lifestyles is part of a growing nanny state. These folks, still upset that McDonald’s stopped supersizing, object to things like mandatory calorie counts on restaurant menus cuz Americans want to be able to stuff fatty foods down their gullets without the guilt tripping that calorie counts could induce. They have agita about efforts to get McDonald’s to stop putting toys with “Happy Meals” cuz that would interfere with the freedom of little Johnny and Janey to add to that cute baby fat. But we have truly gone down a wormhole and come out on the opposite side when the right wing claim that mandating healthy school lunches, at tax payer “government” schools, is part of an encroaching “nanny state.” Two weeks ago, Laura Ingraham told Bill O’Reilly that if Mac&Cheese and pizza was good enough for her, then it’s fine for today’s American students. (One assumes that Laura’s current food choices are more disciplined and one assumes that if her kids’ nanny served junk food, there might be an issue?) During the same week, Neil Cavuto jumped on the bandwagon to decry efforts to unclog the arteries of today’s students, many of whom have too much junk in the trunk. For Neil, the freedom to consume large quantities of greasy fries is more important than the health costs of diabetes and cardio problems – which will cost the taxpayer more money in increased health care costs. Being fat and free – it’s as American as apple pie, and burgers, and fries, and soda with high fructose corn syrup…Ain’t that America for you and me. Ain’t that America home of the free!

On August 3rd, Neil Cavuto provided us with one of his patented homilies. He expressed his belief that healthy school lunches and healthy snacks and soda in school vending machines represent government “putting your kids on a diet.” He asserts that “this is surrendering freedoms forever.” Neil knows kids are fat; but “fat chance” that he’s going to let Uncle Sam put them on a diet. (Yeah, let’s let Uncle Sam put even more pounds on the kids). Neil cited the trend of “calorie counts” on food because “we’re apparently too stupid to know that a double cheeseburger with all the trimmings has a lot of calories.” (Uh, yeah) Neil worked in a slam at government take over of car companies as being part of this effort to take away the constitutional right to be fat. He ranted about other aspects of government control that are now being extended to our kids. Regarding school lunch choice, he said that he has nothing against it but it should be his choice. In a bizarre “apples and oranges” line of logic, Neil whined that there is an argument that schools have the right to lecture about nutrition (uh, yeah, they do); but these are the same teachers that force kids to protest about education cuts. He showed a Fox online poll in which 98% of the respondents said that government should not police what kids eat. (Let them eat junk food at taxpayer expense!) Neil described what should be the reaction to his homilies when he said that all this nanny state control makes him want to retch. I didn’t realize that school lunches represent a tipping point in our freedom but Neil told me that “we have to be careful with everything we give away.”

Comment: Cavuto is part of crowd that has no problem with a nanny state telling a woman what she can do with her reproductive system. They oppose tax payer funded abortion because they say it’s “murder.” While that’s debatable, what’s not debatable is that our tax dollars are going to school lunches and school snacks that are contributing to a fat America whose health and mortality are being compromised as a result of what they eat. It’s obvious that parents bear a great deal of responsibility towards their children’s health. It’s obvious that kids don’t exercise enough. But shouldn’t schools provide kids, who aren’t getting proper nutrition, with meals that are healthy? Aren’t conservatives the ones who are always railing about not subsidizing poor choices? If schools continue to provide unhealthy choices, we are doing just that. A friend of mine is a high school teacher in a community where kids come from homes where nutrition and exercise are valued. However, the only food available for lunch is greasy and fatty so where is the “choice?” But for Cavuto, freedom’s just another word for something more to eat. Who care if Americans are chubby – as long as they have their freedom, it’s all good. Neil’s homily is a clarion call to arms for American fatties, Uncle Sam is trying to take away your Crispie Cremes!!!! Oh, noooo………

Poor Neil, last week the Senate passed the Child Nutrition Act which will require schools to provide health food. And don’t despair, Neil, schools still may be able to provide pizza and other greasy, fatty foods that you love so much!!!!

A Free American Cavuto Kid


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