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Fox & Friends Promote Anti Mosque, Anti Obama Message From 9-11 Family Member

Reported by Priscilla - August 16, 2010 -

While one can sympathize with anyone who lost a loved one on 9-11, one does question the reason behind the Fox & Friends interview, this morning, with a retired NY City Deputy Fire Chief who lost a firefighter son on 9-11. Jim Riches does not support the building of the Islamic cultural center and he is angry that Obama has made statements in favor of it. He also has some other issues with Obama that, conveniently, were expressed during the interview. During his presentation he articulated the anti-mosque, right wing memes that the mosque will “overlook” Ground Zero” (It won’t) and that the Imam has said US policies caused 9-11. (Imam Rauf’s statement that the US policies were an “accessory” to 9-11 was shared by 9-11 Commission chairmen and Glenn Beck!) After showing a Fox poll showing that 64% of Americans oppose the mosque and knowing Mr. Riches feelings, Carlson was able to work in a comment about how “some people say that the President is tone deaf.” The chyron: “Supporting the Mosque? Right to Build Place of Worship at Location.” (Uh, yeah, according to the Constitution!) Riches went on to say that Obama is “siding with Bin Laden.” Interestingly, several years ago, Riches produced a documentary, “Urban Legend,” which questions what were seen as heroic actions of Mayor Giuliani in the aftermath of 9-11. That wasn’t brought up by Carlson. But here’s the question: Was this interview an opportunity for a 9-11 victim’s parent to express his concern about the mosque or was this an opportunity, for Fox “News” to continue to promote their “jihad” against President Obama and the mosque by exploiting the anger of a 9-11 father in order to fan the divisive flames of anti Muslim hysteria which Fox "News" seems to be fueling?

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