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Juan Williams Wants More Media Outrage Over Black On White Crime?

Reported by Priscilla - August 15, 2010 -

Unlike CNN and MSNBC, which have African Americans as hosts of shows (not nearly enough diversity, in my opinion) Fox News has no African American who has his or her own show. Juan Williams, an African American, is a regular panelist on Fox’s Chris Wallace’s show and frequently substitutes for talking heads. Occasionally he appears on "Fox News Watch," as he did last night. While Williams can be independent and provide counterpoint for the prevailing right wing meme (his interview with Ben Quayle was hardball), he also can tow the line of the prevailing right wing meme. A popular theme, in the right wing, is that black on white crime is underreported in the librul “lamestream” media which is, of course, prejudiced against whites. Fox, as the mouthpiece for the right wing, aids and abets the notion that whites are really the victims of oppression (most notably on the Hannity and O'Reilly shows; but the recent "New Black Panther" Fox "news" coverage is also a good example.). 52% of teabaggers, Fox fans for sure, believe that, too much has been made of black problems. So it’s not surprising that Jon Scott, the “fair and balanced” (not), host of Fox News Watch brought up coverage of the recent workplace shooting, perpetrated by a black man, as an example of how the media turned the shooting into a “racial story.” In this case, the shooter had alleged that he was the victim of racial mistreatment. Obviously the America of Fox News is a racially tolerant society in which blacks are well treated and any mention of mistreatment, by the press, is just catering to those blacks who, in “real” America should STFU and be grateful for a white society that just loves them. And if they do complain, the press shouldn’t take note of that lest they perpretrate this unseemly whining on the part of minorities. Juan Williams, in his commentary last night, definitely was in Fox’s “hizzy.”

Jon Scott, the robotic moderator who is no Eric Burns, described how Omar Thornton, an African American, shot his victims after he lost his job over stealing beer. They chyron asked if race should be the media's focus?" Scott referenced some press accounts. The NY Times had, as its headline, "Troubles Preceded Connecticut Workplace Killing." It continued with an account of how the shooter had complained of racial harassment to his girlfriend. Isn’t this part of the story? Scott then cited several other accounts which also reported on alleged harassment of Thornton. Scott finished his commentary with: “Juan, the guy was caught on camera stealing beer and the media turned it into a racial story.” Williams didn’t fail his Fox spinmeisters. He affirmed what Scott had said: They don't have to turn it. I mean, this is the way the media treats all race stories in this country, Jon. “It's always that black people are the victims, white people are the perpetrators. You know, it's white guilt, black victimhood and it's constant, it's in every area, not just this, but in terms of our political discussions about race that to me are always one-side and twisted and prevent us from having the honest kind of dialog that is so important. In this story, I don't have any objection to people saying, "What was the cause of this man committing the act?" But the way that they then back peddle and say. You know what, the unions don't have any record of this. The employer has no record of this is to me evidence that in fact, this was a racial attack on whites. Subsequently we've seen other attacks on blacks in this country. But let's have an honest discussion.”

Comment: Slick propaganda. Scott takes reports, which included all aspects of the situation, and creates a false meme about this being made into a racial story by mainstream media in order to reinforce the meme of white victimhood and a prejudiced press. But then Williams goes beyond just the press aspect into a more elaborate narrative of white victimhood. The press reported that Thornton and his girlfriend alleged racial harassment. Was that not important? It was a small part of the reports and was certainly not "a focus." As noted by Williams, the press accounts also included statements from the company’s CEO, Ross Hollander, that “no claim was ever brought to the attention of our company.” What more do Scott and Williams want? Sounds pretty “fair & balanced” to me. Too bad “Fox News Watch” can’t master that!

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