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Fox News Contributor Charles Payne Likens Missouri Health Care Vote To Tiananmen Square

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 15, 2010 -

By Brian

Last Saturday's Cavuto on Business show (8/7/10) featured a discussion about the Missouri vote on the federal health care bill. Fox News and Fox Business contributor Payne said, "Even though this vote was mostly symbolic, I’d say it's akin to the guy who stood in front of that tank in Tiananmen Square." Only Adam Lashinsky, out of three other panelists plus host Neil Cavuto, objected to such an outlandish comparison.

Lashinsky said it was a "grievous injustice to compare this statement that the people of Missouri were making with the statement that the Chinese people made in 1989 in Tiananmen Square against repression against human rights."

Payne argued, "People feel like they have no rights in this country."

Lashinsky shot back, "Then we should remind them, Charles, that they do have rights in this country. For example, to stand up at a town meeting and say what they think without having to worry about being shot."

Payne persisted. "But they're vote doesn't matter anymore ‘cause they can vote on things and it can be taken away from them, no mater what. We might as well stop voting on these things."

"We have every opportunity to vote on these things," Lashinsky insisted.

Cavuto held up his hand to hush Lashinsky and change the subject.

Comment: Comparing rejecting health care to rejecting Communism? Casting a ballot to standing in front of a tank? This is a new low for Payne. Thanks to Lashinsky for telling off Payne.

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