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Father Jonathan Morris Isn’t Asked About Mosque Controversy?

Reported by Priscilla - August 15, 2010 -

This morning the week-end crew on Fox & Friends spoke to Fox “News” resident clergyperson, Roman Catholic Father Jonathan Morris, about how couples who prayer together stay together. That was fine. The good padre provided some interesting data on the role of prayer in marriages. But wouldn’t ya think that they could have asked him about the controversial Manhatten Islamic cultural center which is the newest front in Fox’s culture war. (Jihad?) Morris is connected to a Manhattan Catholic parish so one would think that his opinion, on the mosque, would be quite relevant. Fox solicited Morris’ opinion of how health care reform was going to include abortion – a meme that was being circulated by the conservative pro-life community. Morris also promoted "National Prayer Day" - a day near and dear to conservative Christians. But as far as I know, Morris hasn’t said a word about the mosque. Despite what the right wingers are saying about how this isn’t a religious issue, it is based on a belief that Islam, as a religion, was responsible for 9-11. Some of the signs carried by protesters do demonstrate bigotry towards Islam. Thus, you’d think that Morris’ opinion, as a clergyman, would be appreciated. Perhaps he could elaborate on Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan's condemnation of the bigotry surrounding this issue. Perhaps Morris could mention that the current pope and John Paul II supported the building of a mosque in Rome. Perhaps Fox & Friends could have had Father Morris participate in their interview of NY Rep Peter King, a Catholic, who opposes the mosque and who, today, claimed that President Obama is trying “to have it both ways” regarding the mosque and how Muslim leadership doesn’t “realize the tremendous harm that they’re causing.” Father Morris might have been able to offer some insight, one would think! Obviously Fox “news” doesn’t. Something about “towing the party line…..?”