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Despite Evidence To The Contrary, Cheryl Casone And Fox News Panel Try To Blame Obama For High Unemployment

Reported by Ellen - August 15, 2010 -

By Brian and Ellen

Fox News host Cheryl Casone offered this Cavuto Mark of a topic yesterday (8/14/10) by saying, in her introduction to a Cashin’ In segment, “It’s the inconvenient truth about unemployment in America. Business owners now saying the government is making it too expensive to hire anyone… Is Uncle Sam the real reason why so many Americans are still out of work?” Not surprisingly, the imbalanced panel largely answered in the affirmative. Yet, when the lone liberal, Christian Dorsey, offered statistics showing that employment costs have gone down, not up, Casone tried to discredit his view without offering any evidence. The subtext of the segment was a blatant attempt to demonize employee benefits.

Regular Wayne Rogers held up a piece of paper and said, "I got the proof right here. This is one of our employees. Costs us $65,757 to deliver to her a $35,338 in discretionary income, and that means she gets $53,000 in gross income. But after Social Security, federal tax, Medical Flex, state tax, disability insurance, etc., her deductions take her down to the $35,000… and for the employer, it costs us for the training, … disability and health insurance being the biggest one, federal, state, unemployment insurance, another $8,290. Yes, it’s outrageous… They've got to change these entitlement programs in some way. Otherwise, we can never create jobs in the way we need to."

Turning to liberal Christian Dorsey, of the Economic Policy Institute, Casone further endorsed the meme by saying, "The numbers are right there. Wayne just showed them to us." Comment: That was just one business. Casone made no attempt to investigate how representative it was.

Dorsey offered the larger picture. "This is actually gotten cheaper for employers during this recession. Employer costs per compensation which has only increased by $1.60 over the last 2.5 years. Really slow wage growth."

The panel immediately piled on.

Rogers said, "Say what?"

Tracy Byrnes loudly interrupted. “Christian! Christian!” she sneered. “You cannot go on with this, it makes no sense… It's going to get worse. Medical expenses are going to kick in, taxes are going up." She offered no statistics to back up her claims.

Dorsey said calmly, "There is not a single example that you can point to where, under the Obama administration (employer costs) have gotten higher. In fact, they’ve gotten lower. We've had a tax credit… for new hires where you exempt employees for paying social security tax. So for anyone to claim that their costs have gone up is a complete fabrication."

Interestingly, nobody rebutted Dorsey’s facts. Instead, they continued with their anti-government, anti-benefits rhetoric. Casone, sounding a bit deflated, said, “The numbers were there with Wayne.” But Rogers had not said that costs had gone up under Obama, just that the costs are high.

The point did not escape Dorsey. “How have those numbers changed?” he challenged. “How have they gotten worse? They haven’t.”

Nobody had any evidence to rebut that.

Regular Jonathan Hoenig made a general attack on government. "Government is a cost of business... It costs a lot of money to create those jobs."

Joe Battipaglia said, "When people need jobs, you raise the minimum wage. That's not a way to get people to work again. So clearly, the government is gumming this up, too." He, too, had no information to rebut Dorsey.

The Atlantic validates Dorsey.

Another great job from a News Hounds Top Dog one of our favorites.

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