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Cavuto Gives Florida GOP Candidate Marco Rubio A Little Help

Reported by Ellen - August 14, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian and Ellen

Neil Cavuto hosted a segment Tuesday (8/10/10) that purported to be about the high salaries of government workers but seemed more like an excuse to showcase Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio’s platform. The discussion was at least as much about Rubio’s views than about government workers or how much they make. It just so happens that Rubio is locked in a tight election battle, which Cavuto did not mention. He did, however, show some obvious favoritism for Rubio at the beginning and end of the segment. At the beginning, after noting that Rubio’s opponents had not responded to requests to appear on the show, Cavuto added approvingly, “Marco… takes on all comers, all networks.”

Rubio said, "It's the only part of our economy that's held itself harmless from the recession. And that has to be dealt with. Not just because it's wrong, but because we've got to get spending under control at the federal level… All we're saying is that for every two positions that are lost to retirement, only hire one to fill it back." There was no indication he thought it might be wise to determine whether the positions are needed before cutting them.

Cavuto didn’t seem to mind about that. He asked, "Government jobs are starting to go down, not up. What do you say to that?"

Rubio answered, "If we don't get this debt under control, we’re going to trigger a sovereign debt crisis here similar to what you see in Europe." He called for a "10% reduction in the budget of Congress and the White House."

"That should make you a real pal if you make it there," Cavuto joked. He asked about a cap on federal salaries, and about "policing new pay levels for those who either work for the state or the government." Cavuto should know that as a U.S. senator, it’s doubtful Rubio would have much input into state worker pay.

But no, he didn’t. He just wanted to make cuts for those who are probably already at the lower end of the spectrum. Rubio said, "There are important jobs in the military, in defense, in government that you want filled by competent people who have choices in the private sector."

It all just segued perfectly for bringing up his platform of a balanced budget amendment.

Then, as a final little gift to Rubio, Cavuto brought up how Rubio’s opponent, Charlie Crist, a more moderate Republican now running as an independent, once hugged Obama. “Does it resonate?” Cavuto just happened to ask.

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