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Brian Kilmeade Promotes More Anti-Mosque Activism

Reported by Priscilla - August 14, 2010 -

Brian Kilmeade is very open about his opposition to the Islamic cultural center which is slated to be built two blocks from NY City’s “Ground Zero.” This week, after citing how his guest says that the building of the center is a “deliberate provocation meant to thumb its nose at infidels,” Kilmeade said that "this is what I’ve been saying and many people in NY have been saying that for a long time now.” His guest, a Canadian Muslim, said that the mosque will cause divisiveness between American Muslims and non Muslims. There is rich irony in that comment as the relentless anti-mosque coverage, provided by Fox news, is doing the same thing. But this week, Kilmeade went from interviewing those who support his opinion to interviewing those fellow travelers who are involved in activism against the mosque in the form of petitions. On Monday, Kilmeade provided affirmation and support for Andy Sullivan, a construction worker who runs an anti-Obama website part of which is devoted to an online petition to elicit signatures, from any worker who might be involved in building or providing services to the mosque, to refuse to do work on or provide services to the mosque. This “Hard Hat Pledge” was the primary topic of the interview. Kilmeade followed this endorsement with another promotion of another petition against the mosque. This one is being sponsored by a Republican (surprise, surprise) candidate for congress.

Kildmeade played the “ad,” promoting the petition, done by NY Republican candidate for congress, Randy Altschuler, in its entirety. Altschuler, who is being accused of plagiarism by another Republican candidate, made the bogus (and Islamophobic) comparison between the mosque and a Japanese shrine being built at Pearl Harbor. The name of his petition is “stop the travesty.” Altschuler referenced how his district consists of those who lost loved ones in 9-11 and those who worked on the site. He claimed that this “is political correctness run amok and it “isn’t about religious freedom; but doing the right and decent thing.” (Uh, Randy, it’s totally about the constitutionally based religious freedom of any religious group to build where they want). The Fox anti-mosque chyron wasn’t even framed as a question but a Fox “fact” – “Too Close for Comfort, Mosque to be Build Near Ground Zero.” Brian became agitated about how the mosque backers “don’t want to hear” Governor Patterson’s offer of trying to find other land for them to build on. Altschuler said that his petition has signatures from all over the country. (As the “church lady” would say, “isn’t that special” that non New Yorkers get to weigh in on an issue that doesn’t concern them)

As he did with Andy Sullivan, Kilmeade voice dripped with contempt when he referred to how Mayor Bloomberg said that “you should be ashamed if you protest against the mosque.” As he spoke, a photo with the perfunctory Islamophobia appeared on the right side of the screen: “Islam Builds Mosques at the Sites of Conquests and Victories.” (As I have noted that’s just what Christians did after they brutally eradicated and enslaved native populations.) Kilmeade either lied or is misinformed if he's referring to Bloomberg's speech with the Statue of Liberty backdrop. Nowhere in the speech did Bloomberg say anything to the effect of “you should be ashamed if you protest against the mosque.” The speech was an eloquent testimony to religious tolerance. But the meme, used by many who protest the mosque, is that Bloomberg is dissing them for their intolerance! (And right wingers complain about libruls playing the victim!?). Altschuler claimed that this “isn’t about religious tolerance” because there are lots more mosques in the US. (A number of which have, recently, been protested against and vandalized in what is, sadly, an American tradition of violence toward the “other.” The Fox chyron underscored (literally and figuratively) the Fox anti mosque meme as well as the petition: “Opposition on the Rise, Online Petition Has 1,000+ signatures.” Kilmeade asked Altschuler what he would say to the people behind the mosque who say that this is the only place where the mosque can be built. After Alschuler said that there’s available land, Kilmeade, referring to the reviled mosque builders, said “so it’s wrong, they’re flat out not telling the truth.” The interview ended with Altschuler providing the website for the petition.

Comment: Talk about “not telling the truth.” Earlier this month, Fox & Friends hosted another Republican candidate who was allowed to claim that terrorist groups are behind the funding of the mosque. Fox & Friends allowed Islamophobe Pam Geller to falsely claim that the mosque is opening on 9-11. Kilmeade claims that this mosque is a “provocation.” Using that “logic,” would he, as a Roman Catholic say that building a church near a synagogue is provocation considering that the Inquisition and the Holocaust (in part) were supported by Catholics? Would he say that building a church near a playground would be provocation considering that the Catholic Church aided and abetted a culture of pedophilia? Obviously, these heinous actions, on the part of Catholics and Christians, do not represent the entire religious systems, but the actions of twisted individuals. 9-11 was done by those who perverted Islam; but Fox News is supporting the views of those who, despite their claims that this isn’t about religion, base much of their opposition on Islam as a whole and are willing to engage in “not telling the truth” in order to further their agenda. Fox News should listen to Bloomberg’s message: "Political controversies come and go, but our values and our traditions endure, and there is no neighborhood in this city that is off-limits to God's love and mercy, as the religious leaders here with us can attest.”