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Both Cavuto Panelists Have The Same Negative Views Of $250 Checks For Seniors

Reported by Ellen - August 14, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian and Ellen

Neil Cavuto teased a segment Thursday (8/12/10), in which two seniors pledged not to take a proposed $250 check from the federal government. "Congress wants to give $250 checks to seniors. Meet two seniors here to say, ‘Checks? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING CHECKS!’" In other words, two well-off guests with the same anti-Democratic opinion.

The interview began with John Riotto. Cavuto didn’t mention that Riotto is not just an average, non-partisan senior but one whose Facebook page lists “I hate it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President” as one of his likes.

Riotto, asked what he would do with $250, said "I'm going to send mine back, Neil… I want them to pay off the national debt. At two hundred fifty dollars times 40 million seniors. If my heat-oppressed brain thinks about it, that’s about ten billion dollars."

Cavuto, offering some balance, said, "A lot of folks on Social Security, given the low inflation rate, they won't probably see a cost of living adjustment this year, so to them, it sounds like a good deal, what about you?"

The other guest, Jim Foster, appears to be an independent. "Neil, do they really think that once we turn 65 we go senile?” Foster joked. It got a laugh from Cavuto. Foster added, “This is one of the lowest forms of vote buying one could imagine. It's just absurd to think that the U.S. Congress would be underscoring this kind of primitive vote buying."

Cavuto, still trying to play it neutral, said, "Of course this would not be the first time either party has done that kind of stuff.” Referring to the $250 checks, he said "That very thing has been done in the past… I'm going to no doubt get e-mail and phone calls from viewers saying, ‘Well, Jim and John look like they're pretty well off, they look like they can afford to say no to a $250 check but I can’t’.”

“The seniors here that I know don't want this money,” Riotto said. “They’d rather see the national debt reduced We're really killing our children and our grandchildren with this debt… We just don’t need this money."

Foster called it an "insult to senior Americans." He said it was a "joke like a $250 election chip."

Comment: What about the many seniors who could use $250,guys? Cavuto didn't have a senior who needed the money, oh, no. That would be fair and balanced, which Faux isn't.

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