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Sean Hannity Still Desperately Seeking A Sestak Crime

Reported by Ellen - August 13, 2010 -

Sean Hannity is no longer talking impeachment, but he's still salivating over the Sestak "controversy" as if he's certain, like the guy looking for the pony in the manure, that there has to be a crime there somewhere. To aid him in this endeavor, Hannity brought back conservative attorney Jay Sekulow and added Republican Rick Santorum. Sekulow and Santorum acted as GOP yes men to Hannity's Inquisitor, rather than offering any real balance. Overlooked was the opinion of numerous legal experts, including the former Attorney General of the George W. Bush administration, that there is no there there.But Hannity continued to press for a special investigation, with the obvious aim of looking for criminality, because his hope for impeachment obviously springs eternal.

Video via Media Matters.

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