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Gretchen Carlson Does "Fair & Balanced"

Reported by Priscilla - August 12, 2010 -

While my job is to point out right wing spin, on the "Fair & Balanced" Fox news network, I am willing to give credit when they actually live up to the slogan. Yesterday, Gretchen Carlson conducted an interview which, I felt, was very biased towards one side of the ongoing Rifqa Bary saga in that Rifqa's attorney was allowed to make claims about past abuse and neglect of Christian convert Rifqa by her Muslims parents. However, according to public court records, there was no evidence of mistreatment, including death threats, made by her parents - something that Carlson did not mention. This morning Ms. Carlson interviewed Rifqa's parents' attorney, Omar Tarazi, who provided us with more information regarding Rifqa's relationship with her parents. He clearly asserted that the abuse and neglect charges were unfounded as there was no evidence, found by the court, to substantiate them. In the discussion of Rifqa's immigration status, when Carlson again said that Bary's parents were "in this country illegally," their lawyer said that the Bary's are "working with an immigration attorney." So credit goes to Fox & Friends for providing both sides of the issue. While they have a long way to go before they could be considered "fair & balanced" (Yeah, I know, it's an opinion show), this is a good start.